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Delicious Black Cherry Mojito Recipe

This black cherry mojito recipe is so delicious.  Mojitos are a favorite of my husband's, so we make them a lot. He loves the combination of mint and lime juice, but he really loves that mojitos aren't overly sweet. Personally, I love anything with cherries, so this drink was a hit! Black Cherry Mojito Recipe Mojitos take a little longer to make than something like a blood ... Read More about Delicious Black Cherry Mojito Recipe

Cherry Rosé Slushie

This cherry rosé slushie is so easy to make! No cutting fruit, no measuring! Just pour in the ingredients and blend. These cherry rosé slushies were perfect for sipping on while in the pool. It's not a strong drink, so you can have more than one. Day drink away, my friend! Want to know how I keep my frozen drinks cold? Check out this post on the best insulated tumblers! How to Make ... Read More about Cherry Rosé Slushie

How to Keep Mosquitos Away

Learn how to keep mosquitos away from your home. Some people are just mosquito magnets. I happen to be one of them. They devour me and then my skin feels like it's on fire. It's enough to keep me awake at night, so I'm very serious about preventing mosquito bites. How to Keep Mosquitos Away The usual advice is to not have any standing water around your house. Except, what if ... Read More about How to Keep Mosquitos Away

The Best Insulated Tumblers for Summer Cocktails

Learn about the best insulated tumblers for keeping summer drinks cool, even on the hottest of days. With all this cocktail making, I needed a good insulated tumbler for the pool. So I decided to test 4 popular insulated tumblers to determine the best one for keeping drinks cool. On a whim, we bought these insulated mugs to use in the pool. Let's just say you get what you paid for. ... Read More about The Best Insulated Tumblers for Summer Cocktails

The Best Blue Hawaiian Cocktail Recipe

This blue Hawaiian cocktail is a fun twist to your typical pina colada recipe. Full of pineapple flavor, this frozen drink is perfect to serve to friends in the summer. Blue Hawaiian FAQs What is blue curacao? Blue curacao is an artificially colored orange flavored liquor that is popular in tropical drinks. It is mainly used to add color to drinks. What kind of rum works best ... Read More about The Best Blue Hawaiian Cocktail Recipe

Easy Backyard Pond Maintenance Tips

These easy pond maintenance tips will keep your pond clear and beautiful with less work! No chemicals necessary! Reasons to Add a Small Pond to Your Yard Beauty. Ponds add an element of nature that is incredibly beautiful. Sound. The sound of tinkling water is so peaceful. It's also good for disguising un-wanted noise. To add wildlife to your yard. A small pond provides water and homes ... Read More about Easy Backyard Pond Maintenance Tips

Frozen Pina Colada Recipe

This frozen pina colada recipe is the best pina colada recipe that I've ever tasted. As a lover of all things coconut, it's no surprise that I love pina coladas. For the record, I hate the song - listen to the lyrics... It's awful. Anywho, as I was saying, I love making pina coladas from scratch. The mix is never as good as the real thing. Besides, it's still a pretty easy recipe. ... Read More about Frozen Pina Colada Recipe

DIY Pool Float Storage

This DIY pool float storage is perfect for organizing your pool floats.  Typically, our deck is covered in pool floats in the summer. We're currently working on refinishing it, so we needed another solution for pool float storage.  We bought one of those mesh nets, but it wouldn't stay hanging on our deck railing. Somehow, floats full of air were too heavy for it to stay ... Read More about DIY Pool Float Storage

Frozen Peach Bellini Recipe

This frozen peach bellini recipe is perfect for a crowd at your next summer gathering. There's nothing like an icy drink on a hot day and this peach bellini is perfect. It's practically a smoothie with wine, so it combines 2 of my favorite things. It's okay if you tell yourself this is a health food drink. ;) I certainly do! What is a peach bellini made of? A peach bellini is ... Read More about Frozen Peach Bellini Recipe

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