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DIY Happy Easter Banner with Cricut

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Learn how to make a DIY Happy Easter Banner using your Cricut Maker. This cute banner features pastel felt letters that spell out Happy Easter. It’s the perfect addition to a spring mantle or decor for an Easter celebration.

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felt happy easter banner in pastel rainbow colors

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Felt banners are one of my favorite things to make. So, I made a Happy Easter banner to decorate for spring.

I used felt in pretty pastel colors, but you can use any colors you want. A monochromatic banner would also be cute.

How to Make a Happy Easter Banner with Cricut

Supplies Needed:

Notes About Supplies

*Cricut Maker

Unfortunately, felt can only be cut with a Cricut Maker because it needs a rotary blade. I’ve included a PDF version to use for hand-cutting. Just print, trace, and cut.

**Fabric Grip Mat

Felt makes the fabric mat fuzzy, so it’s best to have a mat designated for felt only.

***Embroidery Floss and Needle

You can use fabric glue instead of embroidery floss if you want. I love the look of embroidered felt, so I used a blanket stitch to attach the felt letters.

It’s not necessary to match the colors exactly. The colors will blend as long as the embroidery floss is close enough.

How to Cut the Felt Letters

I originally made the cut files with holes in each letter, but it ripped the felt. The version below doesn’t have holes. Use a hole punch to make holes instead.

holes cut in felt letters
  1. Upload the design as usual.
  2. Resize if needed. Make a rectangle in the preferred size, send it to the back, and place a letter over it. Then, resize the entire file so that each letter is the size of the rectangle.
  3. Click Make it when you’re happy with the changes.
  4. Install the rotary blade.
  5. Place felt on the fabric mat and cut as usual. white felt on pink cricut mat
  6. Change out the felt color when indicated.
  7. Continue until all of the felt is cut.

Assembling the Felt Banner

  1. Center each colored letter on top of the white background letter. felt letters for Easter banner
  2. Attach each letter using a blanket stitch and matching embroidery floss.
  3. Continue for each letter until it’s finished. Felt Happy Easter banner letters
  4. Use a hole punch to add holes at the top of each letter. using hole punch to add holes for banner
  5. Cut two lengths of baker’s twine.
  6. Thread the baker’s twine through the letters. Start with the center letters and work your way out. The string looks best when it’s behind the letters. threading baker's twine in easter banner
  7. “Happy” and “Easter” are on separate strings to shorten the banner. close up of easter banner
  8. Tie loops at each end and hang. Happy Easter banner on wall

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felt happy Easter banner over table with easter basket

Download the Happy Easter Banner SVG

All downloads are for personal use only. Please do not redistribute or sell files.

Happy Easter SVG

Printable PDF Version

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collage of felt letters and happy easter banner

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