Upcycle a Jar into a Faux Terrarium

fake succulents in upcycled jars

Learn how to make a faux terrarium. I made these faux terrariums as part of a thrift store challenge. Repurposing home decor from the thrift store is one of my favorite things. Last month, I repurposed a cutting board into a key holder.

After receiving a catalog featuring terrariums, I knew that I had to recreate my own in thrifted containers to bring some spring into my home! I chose to work with faux plants because my track record with succulents is so bad. Faux plants are the best because you never have to water them. And they don’t die on you. Plus faux succulents look pretty similar to real ones!

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Make a DIY Clipboard with Wallpaper Scraps

in the woods wallpaper clipboard with pens

Make a DIY clipboard using wallpaper scraps.

After wallpapering my hallway, I have a ton of random pieces of wallpaper left over. Since it’s gorgeous, I would love to find things to do with it. While I was trying to organize my desk, I ran across a plain clipboard that I use for my papers and a project was born.

This decorative clipboard is one of those stupidly easy crafts that just take a few minutes to complete.

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Make a DIY Pipe Curtain Rod for Long Windows

middle curtain rod bracket

Learn how to make a DIY pipe curtain rod. I love using pipe in my home for unexpected used like my copper pipe hand rail.

Why are curtain rods so expensive? Long, sturdy ones are even pricier! So what’s a girl to when she has 2 patio doors to cover?I really didn’t want to pay a fortune, so I decided to make my own curtain rods with conduit pipe for a fraction of the cost.

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