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DIY Wood Pendant Necklace with the xTool

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One of the most exciting things to use the xTool for is making jewelry. Learn how to make a DIY wood pendant necklace. Get easy tips to turn any shape into a pendant with this step-by-step tutorial.

If you’re new to xTool, be sure to check out this post about making your first xTool project.

wooden ghost pendant necklace

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Okay, maybe it’s a bit early to post something Halloween-related, but we all have someone in our life who loves the spooky season a little too much right?

If ghosts aren’t your style, it’s really easy to create a necklace of any shape. The XCS software has a ton of cute shapes that can be used or you can create your own.

If you create your own design, avoid sharp corners and angles since you will be wearing this against your skin. The wood is smooth, but point edges may bother you.

wooden ghost pendant necklace

DIY Wood Pendant Necklace

Supplies Needed:

How to Weld Shapes in xTool Creative Station (XCS)

This ghost shape is available in the XCS software under festivals. As soon as I saw him, I fell in love and knew that I needed to make a necklace with him. Yes, he’s a him. Don’t judge.

He doesn’t come with the hole for the necklace, but that’s really easy to add. You can just add a hole in his head, but that seemed a little mean. He’s already dead, but still…

Instead, I like adding a little ring at the top of the shape. Here’s how I do it.

  1. Add your desired shape. The ghost is under “festival” in the Shape section. shapes in XCS
  2. Create a circle and make it smaller. It’s about 8mm x 8mm.creating pendant in XCS for xTool
  3. Place it at the top of the ghost head (or your design.)ghost shape with circle on head
  4. Copy the circle and paste it. ghost shape in XCS
  5. Select the circle on the top of the ghost and the ghost shape (or your design.)
  6. Click “combine” and select “unite”. xcs screenshot of combining shapesThis creates one shape. ghost shape in XCS
  7. Select the other circle and make it smaller than the 1st one (about 4mm.)
  8. Center the small circle in the circle shape. If it snaps to a weird spot, you can move it by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. making ghost pendant in XCS
  9. Select the shape and circle and group them all together (right-click to bring up the menu.)grouping shapes in XCS
  10. You may need to set both shapes to cut.

How to Make a Wood Pendant Necklace

  1. Cut the wood as usual. wooden ghost shape
  2. Small unwanted pieces can be removed by poking them with something small.poking out unwanted laser cut shapes from ghost shape
  3. Paint the cut wood if desired. You may need 2 coats for full coverage. painting wooden ghost shape white
  4. Attach the jump ring through the hole at the top of the pendant onto the necklace. Use pliers to close the jump ring. pliers holding jumpring
  5. Enjoy your new necklace!laser cut wooden ghost necklace

He’s so cute!! Look at that little smile!

laser cut wood ghost necklace on wicker pumpkin

Alternative Use for Wood Pendants

You can use the same method to create keychains with the wood pendants.

laser cut wooden ghost keychain

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collage with wooden ghost pendant

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