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Affordable Craft Cabinets and Armoires

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Looking for budget-friendly craft storage furniture? These affordable craft cabinets, carts, and armoires won’t break the bank. This selection includes plenty of options for small spaces.

After writing a post on Dreambox alternatives, I kept running across other amazing options, so I wanted to share them.

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If you’re a crafter (or artist), then you know your hobbies require a lot of storage for all of those craft supplies.

I’m sure that you’ve seen the ads for the Dreambox cabinet and suffered major sticker shock when you saw the price. I did too.

I even decided to splurge on it, but when it didn’t show up after 6 months of waiting, I decided to get creative and make my own version of a Dreambox.

Besides, I don’t think it’s necessary to spend a ton of money on storage. Save your cash and buy more supplies!

Here are some of my favorite budget-friendly craft storage solutions.

Affordable Craft Cabinets and Armoires

Craft Furniture

These affordable craft cabinets are all priced under $500 (as of April 2022). A variety of sizes and finishes are included.

Organizing Bins

Organizing bins will make these craft cabinets even better.

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  1. Lots of good ideas here! I did something similar… I went to yard sales until I found a solid wood armoire that would work for my crafting and quilting needs. Then I found two solid wood shelving units (also at a yard sale, but can be purchased from a store as well). I removed the doors and with three strong hinges on each one I attached them to the sides of the armoire, forming the doors. This is why I wanted solid wood furniture to start with. Particle board would not hold the weight for very long. I did add a swivel wheel under the outside edge of each shelf unit to hold some of the weight and be easier to open. Added skirting so the wheels wouldn’t show then painted it out to match my craft room and it’s working great!

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