May Dollhouse Therapy Sneak Peeks

Next Tuesday is the May reveal for the Dollhouse Therapy challenge. My rooms are *almost* ready. I’ve been working hard making those last little decisions and doing those last bits of work. These 2 rooms seem to have way more work that my previous 2. I think it’s because I made so many of the items this time. Plus, there was a lot of sewing for these rooms.

Today all I have is a few sneak peeks. The rooms aren’t finished yet and I don’t want to spoil the grand finale. There is still one very large project that could be a total fail. Wish me luck!




Join me next week for the final May reveal of the dollhouse living room and master bedroom. I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am!

So what’s next? (Welcome to my brain)

I finished the One Room Challenge last week and rested for a few days before allowing myself to think about what’s next. What can I say? I’m not very good at sitting still for long. We’re almost at our 2 year mark in this house and I feel discouraged by the lack of progress. Lots of rooms are “good”, but few are done.


“Done”, but the striped fabric drives me crazy and the pink walls are not “pink enough” for the girl.

But that leads me to wondering if they will ever be “done”. And would I even want them to be done? I love tweaking each space. It’s fun for me. And if I allowed it to be done, how long would it be before my style changed? I constantly change spaces and furniture. Sometimes I crave insane color combinations and other time, I desire a bit of quiet.


My idea of quiet is apparently different from that of my husband. I changed my sofa up a bit to what I feel is “quiet” and he immediately complained about the clashing patterns. He sees patterns; I see similar colors in the same hues. It doesn’t jar my eye, so it’s quiet to me. Besides, who cares? I don’t touch the basement that is his space. This is my room. (Sidenote, every time I buy new pillows or blankets, I immediately think of all of the various places that it can go and look amazing. If it can’t go in every room, it’s probably not a good thing to buy.)

(Taken in the fall)

(Taken in the fall)

So besides simple seasonal refreshes around the house, I need to turn my attention to the next larger projects. Although the weather does not agree with me, it should be warm here soon and we’ll be able to spend more time outside. Last summer was spent building the deck. This year, it needs to be stained. We also want to built a bar height table for the space. We’re discussing a pergola type structure in the corner. The pool is set up, but still mostly empty. Plus the front yard needs flowers and plants still. Maybe the rain will stop soon, so that the yard is not a disgusting mud pit.

blog4  blog5

I still need to finish my son’s room. We built the bed and bought bedding. We have to buy a new mattress for him because I didn’t realize the bed was for a twin XL. It’s easier to buy a new mattress than fix the bed. I still want to either build or buy a desk for him.


I think I’ve found a good one! This one is from Joss and Main and is $65. The legs alone cost that much. Joss and Main does not allow permanent links, so a search for “Owen” should find it.


In the beginning of the year, I made plans to redo our main floor bathroom and tons of snow caused us to procrastinate that project from getting started. Well, we bought new faucets for most of the house in an effort to fix leaks. A simple project turned into a mini bathroom redo that has left us with a ton of work to finish. We cracked the sink up removing the old faucet, so we installed the vanity and sink that we’ve had in our garage for months. It took a bit of finesse to get it installed without moving plumbing, but it’s mostly done. The bottom drawer is non-functional and being held with 3-M strips until we can move plumbing or build a stationary shelf there. I had planned on doing a quick fix for the floor, but removing the vanity revealed a big gap in the linoleum. For now, a rug is placed over it. I’m still trying to figure out what type of flooring to do.


I fell in love with this vinyl sheet tile, that Kari from Prairie Girl Home is buying for her bathroom. So it’s either this or tile. I think the price will be similar, but the sheet vinyl is obviously much easier and quicker to install.


The previous owner was an artist.

The upstairs hallway is begging to be painted. It’s the one area that I haven’t touched. I bought this stencil and might just do it in the space. My other idea that costs way more is the Woods wallpaper. Every single part  of this area needs to be painted: ceiling, trim, doors and walls. Plus it needs that last bit of wallpaper cleaned off. I think I need to remove the chair molding to get it off. This area looks worse in person. That door has a coat of white paint on it that shows how yellow the walls are.


And of course, I still need to get the screens and door built for the treehouse.



Dollhouse Therapy Progress: Bed and Sofa

Since finishing the One Room Challenge last week, I’ve had a bit more free time on my hands. So I’ve been working here and there on my dollhouse. I feel a bit behind on it, seeing that it’s the middle of May already. Yesterday, I got a ton of the big items done.


The bed in the master bedroom is a true masterpiece. I cut dowels to size and sharpened one end of each. I glued these to a bed base. It’s just some wood with wood strips around it. Then I added in wire and leaf beads. After that, I added hot glue. The stringy parts actually help add to the branch look. It looked too plain without the glue.


After that, I spray painted the whole thing black. Ahhh, its so pretty! If it looks a bit Beetle Juice-ish, you’ll have to trust that it won’t in the long run. I still need to add white fabric to the bed to act as the box springs. I’m making a mattress and bedding. I’m still figuring out the bedding and lights. The bed gets lost on a wallpaper background, so I’m still figuring that part out as well. I’ve got some great ideas though. I think that even I will be surprised at how this room turns out!

For the living room, I added the “wallpaper” and made the couch. (I’m not showing the rooms until the reveal to keep it a surprise.) It’s made from a base of wood, with foam and fabric glued over it. The legs are made from wire.


The table is made from sink parts. They were a bit shiny so I used some Rub N Buff to tone it down a bit. Then, I added painted wooded circles as tops. They’re supposed to look like marble. I might experiment with nail polish and water to see if that works better.


Oh, if only real furniture making was this simple. That bed would totally be mine. Even if I do have 7′ ceilings in my bedroom. A girl can dream, right? Looks like I have a bunch on tiny sewing in my future.