Reupholstered chair reveal: Big Orange!

My first reupholstered chair is done and I celebrated by pushing it across the house to put it the living room! I’m sitting on it now! I started with a lovely orange velvet beast from the 70’s. It was beautiful in it’s own special way, but the velvet was worn and falling apart in the back. Plus, my other living room furniture is already 70’s lime green so I didn’t want to add to the 70’s vibe. My newly reupholstered chair makes my living room feel so different now!

reupholstered chair


I decided to use faux leather and it was a bit difficult for a first upholstery project. Also, this chair was upholstered and then assembled when it was built, which complicated things a bit. There were bolts to take it apart, but the other sides of them were not exposed, so I was too afraid to take it apart. It took me a while, but I figured it out. I can’t say it’s done “right”, but it’s “done.”

reupholstered chair

It’s quite lovely and boy am I glad that it’s done! I rearranged furniture to make it fit, but more stuff will be moved eventually. That’s just how I roll. This is what my living room looks like today.

reupholstered chair

I added a pillow that I bought a few weeks ago on clearance from Target. Does anyone else get a little too excited at the sight of a red sticker? The throw blanket is from Home Goods.

reupholstered chair

Here’s how this side of the room looks all together. The green sofa and chair will be reupholstered eventually by someone other than me. I still need to tweak the arrangement to make it fit better. This is the room where I live. I blog, read and do my nails in this area so it’s holds a lot of stuff.


The sofa sits across from the chairs. Not much has changed, but it needs to because I’m getting itchy for it.


This is my new friend, Willy. I got him from a flea market for $7. He makes me so happy. Also, he scares my dog which makes me laugh. (Mean dog owner.) She’s getting used to Willy, but she scowls at him all the time. (I bet she’s jealous of my love for Willy!) He is so handsome and he looks especially dapper in my daughter’s pink fedora. He might get spray painted in the near future because he’s a tad too yellow. Now I want more friends busts.


My snail planter lives on the coffee table. I’m going to have to re-pot this plant already though. It’s too bit for the pot and dries out too quickly, so I’m going to have to find a replacement. For now, it’s super cute.


This is one of my favorite paint by numbers. I’m thinking of moving them to another room, so I figured I should show it off.


This painting also makes me super happy. It’s a print that I found at Luckett’s a few years ago. It reminds me of the small fishing village of Cefalu in Sicily.

My newly reupholstered chair makes me want to change everything in my living room!

Fixing my closet: An all day saga

Over the weekend, I was feeling overwhelmed by my to-do list. My kids started school on Monday, so it felt like there were some things that needed to happen before then, like laundry. I split my list into NEED, SHOULD, and WANT TO. The NEED category was pretty long, but it was all pretty simple tasks so I had my kids do all of those. The SHOULD list was about 5 items long, but we only got 1 of them done: fixing my closet. My closet bar and shelf collapsed recently and I’ve been ignoring it/hoping it would fix itself. Spoiler alert: it didn’t. Fixing my closet was supposed to take about an hour. Ha!


Eventually we will overhaul this whole area. There are 2 closets that back up to this one, so the plan is to knock out the walls and combine them into a huge master closet, gaining about 3 feet in width. We still need to finalize the plans, but its not a priority right now. For now, I just needed my clothes to not be in a crumpled pile on the floor. I use this space as my dress and sweater closet. The 2 adjacent closets (which sound nicer than they are) hold my clothes and my husband’s clothes. Nothing fancy, just 2 undersized closets that have less than functional bi-fold doors that don’t really shut all the way.

We began with the idea of  just fixing what was there. We cleared out the area (removing the flat storage file cabinet) and clothes. That took quite a while! There were power tools involved to remove this massive behemoth. Then we hung the wire shelved back up with new supports. I had just finished refilling the closet (thinking that I was all done), when this happened:


Womp womp womp. Cue my frown-y face. It was probably 50 pounds lighter than it had been because I had removed my jeans from the rack and gotten rid of an entire trash bag of clothes. But even with new metal brackets, the wire shelf was too warped from hanging in mid-air for a week. Lesson learned: wire sucks.

We took a lunch break and mulled over what to do. Luckily we had all of the stuff to do it right in the garage. We ended up using some leftover plywood cut to size, a wooden closet rod dowel, and metal closet shelf brackets.  We got it most of the way done, when my phone alarm reminded me that we had a vet appointment. So I quickly grabbed the dog, a leash and my husband and went to the vet. We came home and finished fixing my closet! But the day was over.

fixing my closet

Good enough… for now.

fixing my closet

It’s not beautiful, but it works for now. When I really redo it though… I already have the mood board ready and if I wasn’t in the middle of 80 other projects, this would become more of a priority.

The rest of the SHOULD list still awaits me. But, my kids certainly kicked ass on their own list! As for the WANT TO list, ha ha ha!!

Creative work space plans for an unfinished basement

After 2 years of living in this house, I’ve come to realize that I need a room of my own. I need to a room to make messes in and be creative, a room to spill paint in or deconstruct chairs in. To be fair, I have a space above the garage, but the lack of insulation makes it pretty unusable. But, I do have an area in the basement that is unused. It’s on the side that isn’t finished and a little bit scary. It’s where I set up a temporary work area for the dollhouse. I have started using my sewing machine more and I even got my serger out to use. So, I’m planning out my creative work space.

Right now, I’m thinking of simple, inexpensive changes to make it a useful work space. I want to use a lot of what I already own, plus a few storage pieces. I would like it to be a nice blank slate, because fabric and paint will add a lot of color to the space. Once I declutter a bit and clean stuff up, I’ll share less scary “before” pictures. For now, just imagine a typical unfinished basement with boxes of stuff, buckets of paint, and leftover drywall sheets. It’s open to the laundry room, but I might section it off to get more “wall space.”




My Creative Work Space Plans


  • Beadboard ceilings. It’s inexpensive and can be removed easily if necessary. It’s always scary to close up access to pipes and ducts. Plus drywall dust is gross.
  • Magnetic chalkboard. I like the idea of magnets for inspiration pictures. And chalk to jot down ideas. I’ll probably make one. Maybe I can find a pretty frame to use. My walls are painted white cinder block, so I need stuff to cover the ugly.
  • I heard about this light that plugs into a regular fixture to add more light. The basement has 2 bare bulb lights in it, so it can use all the help it can get. It’s much cheaper than wiring for more lights!
  • My friend has 2 perfectly chippy garden gates that she’s getting rid of that I told her I would take. These will also be great for inspiration boards/holding fabric samples, etc.
  • This light from IKEA is so cute and the color is so perfect. I can never get enough light in the basement!
  • We already have one of these drawer units and it is so great for storing smaller items.
  • I really need an aqua Raskog cart for sewing machine supplies and paint. Maybe I need 2….
  • I’m going to use our old dining table as a work area. It’s a nice large size, big enough to house both a sewing machine and a serger, plus plenty of room for cutting and other work.
  • The floor in the basement is concrete right now, so I bought a vinyl floor remnant that I’m going to paint to act as a “rug”. I had so much fun with my bathroom that I’m dying to paint more vinyl! It’s going to be buffalo check patterned.
  • I want a work chair that I’ll be able to spend long hours in. Sewing is pretty taxing on my back, so a good comfy chair should help. I’m either going to find a simple parson’s style chair on craigslist or buy a bare chair from IKEA and make a slipcover for it.
  • I need storage space for fabric and supplies. Shelves are needed. I’m not sure if I will purchase this one from IKEA or another one from Lowes (we already have one.)