Kitchen progress: green chalkboard wall

Not much has happened in the kitchen so far. My husband and I are at odds about which task to pursue first. He wants to knock down a wall and rebuild it around the fridge. I want to build the cabinet. Both need to happen, but I need his help for the wall bit. The cabinet can be done completely by me. With the kids being out of school, I have a bit more free time on my hands to accomplish said cabinet building. I have painted the door wall with chalkboard paint, though!

chalkboard  chalkboard

Finding the right green was not as easy as I thought it would be. I thought there would be 1 choice for green, but Lowes had about 20 choices. That makes the job much harder, not easier. I mean, I guess it’s great that there are so many color choices for chalkboard paint, but I like classic colors. I want black or green. I had to go find a comfy seat in the patio section to mull over the choices and look at pinterest. I ended up going with a totally different choice than the 2 I was considering under the harsh fluorescent lights in the paint area.


Is there anything happier than a paint pan full of paint and a new project? I love painting so much. The green ended up being the perfect color that I had in mind. I chose La Fonda Plaza Green, which is kind of a mouthful for a paint color name. I used the smoothest roller I could find, a Purdy 1/4″ nap roller. It also helped that I had done a ton of repairs on the walls before paint went up. My walls were smooth as a baby’s bottom, which is the perfect texture for a chalkboard!


I let it dry for 2 days before seasoning it with chalk. The can didn’t say how long to let it dry, but the internet suggested leaving it alone for a few days. It was such a lovely color that I could have left it alone. But if I want to use it to write on, it needs to be seasoned. The chalk dust fills in all of the porous areas and prevents chalk from leaving permanent writing.


I took a piece of chalk and held it sideways to color the entire wall. It looked kind of pretty like this. I used my daughter’s outdoor chalk and I ended up using an entire piece of it. It was either white or gray chalk. I don’t really think it matters what color of chalk you use, as long as it’s not the opposite color of the paint. For instance, I don’t think red or dark pink chalk would have worked well without changing the color, but blue or yellow would have been fine. This is just a theory of mine.


I wiped all of the excess chalk off the walls with a dry paper towel and it left a perfectly smudgy, super matte surface. I love how the green looks with the gray door. Wouldn’t the cabinets look amazing in gray as well?

I’m hoping to get to the gingham pattern on the backsplash next. And cabinet building! Baby steps!!!

June Dollhouse Sneak Peeks

Sorry for the blog silence. I’m trying to adjust to the kids being out of school and stealing my computer all the time. Plus, I’ve been trying to get the last bit of dollhouse goodness finished and it is really coming together.


This week, I’ve been busy landscaping the dollhouse grounds. Pro tip: Don’t use hot glue for garden growies. My finger really hurts from the molten lava glue, but the flowers look great. I ended up using tacky glue instead.


100 coats of acrylic craft paint and a bit of clear spray paint made it possible to have a cute pink chair for the front porch. I’m still impressed with my egg carton stone patio area! If only real patios were that easy to do.


A tiny wagon makes a great planter for the porch! Also, check out that door knob!

I forgot to get sneak peeks for the attic bunk room, but you’ll get to see it next week! It’s mostly done, except that a certain black lab puppy ate one of my pillows for the beds.  What a jerk. Chewy puppies and dollhouses do not mix well.

Next week is the final reveal. I can’t wait!

Summer bedroom

Happy Thursday! My kids have two days of school left before summer vacation and I am so ready! I’m looking forward to sleeping past 6, not packing lunches, and spending our days by the pool. Speaking of sleeping in, I recently made some summer bedroom changes that I want to share.


Summer Bedroom Changes: Bedding

I removed our beloved flannel sheets when it first started warming up, but I only recently changed out the duvet. I try to keep our windows open for as long as possible in the summer, so light bedding is a must. Removing the comforter from the duvet helps. We use a lightweight cotton blanket with the duvet and a quilt at the end of the bed for cooler nights. The shibori shams were made with a shibori kit.*** The duvet cover is the Pottery Barn Asher Duvet.


The nightstands are an IKEA hack that are inspired (blatantly copied) from Hearts and Sharts. The drawer pulls are vintage Etsy finds. I bought the lamps at goodwill and rewired them because they were weird. The larger mirrors are thrifted and the round one is from Home Goods. The rectangle one is haunted so it’s on my husband’s side of the bed. I’m pretty sure that if you look at it at night, there will be someone behind you. I’ve never had the courage. 😉

The curtains are vintage barkcloth and I love them so much despite them being high waters. They have aqua roses on them, which is pretty much the best thing ever. The wall color is Behr Peacock Tail and I’m so in love with it. It changes with the light. The other walls (including the slanted wall) are painted Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray.


In the corner, sits my dresser. I won’t tell you how often I smack my head on the slanted wall….


The other side of the room

This dresser will eventually go into the closet area. The closet area is a disaster so we won’t be seeing it today. It’s to the left of the long dresser. It’s currently empty.

I love the skylights in my bedroom so much. Eventually, a bergere chair will go here. It needs to be reupholstered, but I’m trying to work up my courage to start it. I just ordered new foam for the chair so maybe I’ll start it soon.


And looking back at the bed. A ceiling fan is a must in our house. I love the air, but even more, I need the noise. One day, I really want to replace that whole wall with windows to look out at the forest.


The view from my bed is of my vintage art collection. I add new pieces as I find them. I love wonky florals with moody backgrounds the best. Flowers always make me smile, but they seem especially appropriate in the summer.


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