Introducing my 4 orphan chairs

Confession time: I have serious project ADD. The kitchen isn’t finished and I’m already dreaming of other projects. I may have done a mini bathroom project as well. 😉 Another confession: I’m addicted to buying furniture. My kids tease me about this all the time. “Another chair? Really Mom, we’re just going to have rooms full of chairs.” I bought 3 chairs in the past few weeks. (It would have been 7 but I lost an online auction.) All of them were inexpensive and need love. That’s why I love them. They’re like orphan chairs that need a bath and some new clothes. Today, I’d like to introduce you to my orphan chairs and my plans for re-upholstery.

French chair


This is the 1st chair that I bought and the last that will be reupholstered. All of those nail heads look intimidating and scary! This lovely French chair will be covered in ticking. I’m thinking of doing either a ruched cushion or a French mattress cushion. I love traditional pieces mixed with mid century.


It will look something like this when I’m done.

This lovely lady chair will go in my bedroom, probably to be covered in clothes. And maybe occasionally to be used for reading or watching netflix.

Hotel Pair of Chairs


This pair may not be the prettiest now, but they have potential. They’re like the nerdy girl in glasses on a teen rom-com. Remove the glasses (dated upholstery), put her in a sexy dress (pretty fabric) and they’re the prettiest girl(s) in the school (room.) My son and his friend were joking that these chairs were stolen from a hotel room and I kind of agree. Well, I think they were sold from a hotel or lobby somewhere. These chairs will go in my family room, flanking the fireplace. I love the scale and shape of them, but the current upholstery is faded and could be a lot cuter. Bye bye 90’s fabric.

anthro chair

I’m swooning over the mix of fabrics.

For upholstery, I’m still undecided. I’m thinking about black and white, but nothing with too much white. I love this chair from Anthropologie, so perhaps a similar idea. How amazing would mudcloth be on the backs and sides of the chairs?

That 70’s chair


And this baby right here will be the first to be reupholstered, mainly out of need. It will go in my living room to replace a white Ektorp chair. I’m considering vinyl that looks like buttery leather, but I’m afraid that it will be hard to work with. I’ve sewn with oilcloth and ultrasuede before, even leather, so I know what I’m up against. The vinyl is so soft and it seems like it would withstand our crazy life and crazier puppy.


I know the shape is different, but this is the feel I’m going for.

The piping will go away, leaving a much cleaner look. I love the velvet, but it looks like a dog hair magnet. This chair is stapled together in the back, which means that it can only get better from here.


I might be crazy for deciding to reupholster 4 chairs. Send wine.

Introducing my sunroom

There’s a room in my house that I’ve rarely talked about. It’s one of the best rooms in my house. In fact, it’s the first room that I entered when house hunting. I was instantly smitten. The sunroom is truly lovely with it’s huge windows, vaulted ceiling and skylights.


My Golden Girls room.

In a house surrounded by trees, it stays pretty bright. It’s my favorite place to hang out in the winter when it’s snowing. I won’t even pretend that it’s finished, but it makes me pretty happy right now. A Target clearance rug pulls the room together and makes me feel that the room is a bit safer for wet feet coming in from the pool (though you can still hear me yell to be careful every single time someone enters the house.)


The dog spent a lot of unsupervised time in here so the walls need to be repaired and I might eventually repaint them as well. The dog crate still lives in here for now. Most of my plants spend the summer in here because there is so much light. I want to add more plants until it’s a jungle.

The seating came from craigslist and is great in this room. There is also a chair that is currently in the basement because I haven’t brought it back up yet. The cushions don’t bother me, but I can’t get over how much I love the swingasan cushion that is currently in there, just chilling (I can’t leave it outside in a forest or it would be ruined.) The swingasan will probably move in here too.


The bar cart came from my favorite flea market. It looks great in the sunroom, but it’s a little inconvenient for mixing drinks so I don’t keep my liquor in this room. It’s great for a party or for storing pool necessities. The hooks are so necessary for hats and towels.


The pool is outside this room, accessed by the deck. Eventually the overgrown green area will be my garden. We have a few more trees to remove. This area was really cute over the past few years, but our neglect has finally just made it overwhelming. The pool is nice though. An in-ground pool would never work with our hills, plus I’m not sure that it would be worth the cost in a place where swimming can only occur 3-4 months of the year. We love our above ground pool. It was a craigslist buy and worth every single penny that we spent. Lately, we’ve been able to spend evenings in it as well and there are bats that visit it nightly. After spending so much time last year slaving over building the deck, it feels really magical to enjoy it.

The unseen wall of the sunroom is home to a semi-plumbed sink with the world’s longest garden hose attached to it. It was really useful for watering plants, but when we replaced the sprayer, it was too powerful for the plants. Eventually, I want to rip it all out in a rage and replace it with a wet bar.

How to survive a kitchen makeover

Last backsplash post, I promise! Everyone knows that a major kitchen makeover takes some planning and sacrifices, but small makeovers take planning as well! Today, I just want to sum up a few things that I wish had known and planned for before starting this mini kitchen refresh. The tile backsplash ended up taking much longer than I had hoped, so here are a few tips in case you are planning a mini kitchen refresh as well!

kitchen makeover

Tips for a kitchen makeover

  • A kitchen makeover will take longer than you think. Take the amount of time you think, multiply it by 3, then add a week. That might get you close to how long it take. Even a small renovation takes time. It takes time to shop, it takes time to paint, it takes time for paint to dry. Illnesses happen. Life happens. Sometimes, you’re just not up to working.
  • Make a makeshift kitchen area. Yes even for a small kitchen refresh! I never realized how much I used my toaster until it wasn’t plugged in anymore. Also, plan easy meals or lots of eating out. I live in an area with very limited delivery options, so we ate out a lot. I wish I had bought plenty of easy meals and made a temporary kitchen in the dining room. Also, buy paper plates. You can be eco-conscious when you’re done.
  • For a larger kitchen reno, I would suggest having it done AFTER the outdoor kitchen that you’ve been dreaming of. Maybe we’re alone in desiring an outdoor kitchen, but we want one really bad. We want this house to be the dreamiest, most lovely house ever because we spend tons of time outside so it makes sense for us. We realized that when we eventually do a major kitchen reno, we would want our outdoor kitchen done first so that we would have a place to cook and eat. Also, a summer time-frame makes this idea work better. Grilling in the snow does not sound fun.
  • Stock up on coffee and wine. You’ll need the coffee in the morning and the wine in the evening. You’ve deserved it!
  • Even the nicest couples will hate each other at least once. Renovations are exhausting and add eating crappy foods to that and people lose their tempers. You’ll survive. Try to keep your murder-y thoughts to yourself.
  • Just when you think you’re done, you’ll realize that you’re not. Because every tiny project snowballs into bigger projects! Better buy more wine!