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Colorful Boho Tween Bedroom Reveal

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I can’t wait to share this boho tween bedroom reveal today! Six weeks ago, I started this makeover in my daughter’s room. I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

colorful boho tween bedroom

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DIY Projects in this Room

boho room plans

Bedroom Before

We started with a room full of furniture that she had outgrown or didn’t use. The room didn’t show her vibrant personality. She wanted a colorful room to inspire her artwork.

bedroom before
Bedroom before

Despite being a very creative person, she never used her desk. It just became a spot to place stuff. She prefers to work on the floor, so I stopped fighting her on it.

bedroom before
Bedroom before

Boho Tween Bedroom Reveal

purple boho bedroom with galaxy mural and bone inlay canopy bed

Working with purple is not my favorite. However, it’s her favorite color, so we kept it and even added more shades of purple with a galaxy wall.

stenciled bone inlay canopy bed with boho bedding

We made her canopy bed dreams come true with this modern canopy bed frame that’s sturdy enough even for my craziest monkey child.

I stenciled the bed with a custom bone inlay stencil to make it look more high-end.

purple bohemian bedroom with twinkle lights

I repainted this small dresser to use as a nightstand. It has plenty of space for her collections, a glass of water, and a book.

Before we started, I had her make an inspiration board on Pinterest. It was full of dream catchers and twinkle lights, so I made those happen for her.

boho rug in tween bedroom

I originally had a pink rug picked out, but my daughter hated it. She loved this rug instead. And I have to admit, it’s perfect.

play tent in boho bedroom

She’s the kind of kid who loves playing in cardboard boxes. I’m the kind of mom who can’t handle how they look.

A play tent is our compromise. It’s filled with pillows and a bean bag, plus a faux fur rug to make it extra cozy.

art storage in tween bedroom

This is her art supply storage, along with the Raskog cart. It drives me crazy when I see a kid’s art space with no visible storage.

The truth is, art supplies multiply overnight and not all of them are photogenic. Now, they’re accessible but still put away.

purple bins in tween bedroom for art storage

She tends to accumulate art, so this wooden bin is my solution to her growing piles of paper. The purple boxes are filled with her “make-up” and other special things.

room planner on aqua background with pink button

She’s had the Darth Vadar poster for a while. The llama picture (similar) and the eye mirror (similar) are new.

I also added faux succulents (similar) to her room. Did you notice that the light switch cover matches her wall?

art supply storage

I organized her markers and other art supplies in a raskog cart. There’s something so pretty about buckets of markers.

hedgehog and sloth planters in boho bedroom

She picked these items out recently, so they got a special place on her built-in desk.

moon chimes on galaxy wall in boho bedroom

This moon chime is one of her favorite details. She literally gasped when she saw it.

boho bedroom with twinkle lights and bone inlay canopy bed

This is my favorite view. Also, it’s not a tween room without the ubiquitous sequin pillow.

purple ombre closet with mcm dresser

Her closet is so fun with the ombre-painted wall. I hung her boho garland over the doorway too.

blanket storage in boho closet

The top of the closet is always a mess with extra blankets. I tied them with ribbon and stacked them in baskets (similar). Now her extra bedding is contained.

purple boho bedroom with bone inlay canopy bed

This might be my favorite room that I’ve ever finished. It truly feels like my daughter and I’m so proud to have collaborated with her.

boho bedroom with color and pattern galore

And I’m so proud of how the bed turned out. I’ve been calling it my Taj Mahal, a dedication of how much I love my sweet girl.

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colorful boho tween bedroom

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  1. Oh what a fun space!! I bet your daughter just loves her new room. Working with a colour scheme that wouldn’t necessarily be your first choice can be tough, but you pulled everything together beautifully. Great job Mama!

  2. Emy, I love your bedroom! It is so unique! And I definitely think you should market beds like that one. It is absolutely stunning! Would you believe me if I told you my daughter asked for purple as well with a space theme? : ) I suggested light blue (for the same reason, I do not like purple) and she agreed. I was stomped regarding space theme for girls but I did my best with incorporating pops of purple in the room.

    She loooves it so much which makes me happy. Our daughters must really be kindred spirits though ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Emy!! Wow!! That bed is incredible! The walls!! The way you brought your daughter’s vision to life and made it all pretty and awesome!! You outdid yourself, what a lucky girl to call you mom.

  4. What a great bedroom! I love the design you did on the bed and the galaxy wall mural is sooo good! Thatโ€™s one lucky girl – I hope she loves it ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Emy,

    This room turned out so beautiful. I bet your daughter LOVES her new room. I am in awe over that bed and your daughter is going to remember this space forever! Love it all.

  6. Omg, that’s so fabulous! Really well done. I love the golden eye mirror. J would have to put a big triangle around it – Illuminati Confirmed! LOL

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