Two Raskog Cart Ideas to Organize Your Hobbies

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Last week was my daughter’s birthday. What do you get for a kid whose birthday is weeks after Christmas? Especially when she doesn’t play with very many toys anymore.

But, she does love art! So I made her an art cart and of course that meant buying an IKEA Raskog utility cart.

raskog cart ideas for crafts

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And if you’re going to trek out to IKEA to buy one Raskog cart, you should buy yourself one too! So today, I’m sharing 2 raskog cart ideas for organizing our hobbies.

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About the Raskog Cart

The IKEA raskog is well loved on Pinterest, but did you know that it only comes in sucky colors now? Brown, cream and dark gray. What happened to the aqua? So my carts will be spray painted as soon as we get warmer temps. I chose cream because it will be easier to spray paint over.

Assembling the IKEA raskog was pretty easy. There were no allen wrenches involved, so that’s a first in IKEA history. Each cart took about 30 minutes to complete. I give it 2 out of 5 question marks over the IKEA stick figure with a sad face (you know the one.)

Raskog Cart Ideas for Hobbies

Raskog Cart Ideas: Art Cart

raskog art cart

Like a dream come true, right? I would have loved a gift like this when I was a kid!

crafty supplies in a raskog

The top rack was made even better with the addition of Sunnersta container for storing small supplies. Now paint brushes, scissors, colored pencils and washi tape can have their own compartment. Seriously, these containers are less than $1 a piece, so you should buy like 20 of them! The top rack holds watercolors and a sketchbook. She can add her markers to this area as well.

using a raskog for art supplies

The second rack holds fancy paper, sticker packs and art journals. The stickers were probably the biggest hit!

Paper storage in a raskog

The bottom holds a small pack of construction paper and the biggest pack of construction paper ever! Thanks Costco!!

Raskog Cart Ideas: Planner Cart

planner storage in a raskog

And now for my planner cart. No more filling my coffee table with planners and notebooks! Now I have a roll-y cart! I’ve been working in my craft room lately, so I can roll this close to my desk for easy access. But if I want to work on the couch again, it will easily roll to the living room.

raskog planner storage

I also used a few Sunnersta containers. One holds pens and a sketch pad and the other holds washi tape. The top rack of the shelf holds a disc hole punch, smaller paper inserts and the mini Happy Planner.

using a raskog for planner storage

The next layer holds a paper cutter (similar), another planner and more inserts and special printer paper.

the raskog cart holds my sticker maker and refills

The bottom rack holds my xyron sticker maker, laminate refills and my wacom tablet.

Other Ideas for a Raskog Cart

  • Makeup or nail polish storage
  • Plant stand
  • Baking (or other kitchen related) storage
  • Bar cart
  • Cleaning caddy
  • Guest room storage (extra towels, books, toiletries for guests)
  • Bathroom storage
  • Office supplies
  • Pantry storage
  • Other craft storage (knitting or sewing)
  • Kid’s toys
  • Books
  • Baby diapers and clothes
  • As a night stand or side table
Raskog cart ideas
ikea raskog for hobbies

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  1. I just noticed this color change, and TOTALLY agree with you. Black, white, and reddish-brown????? Yuck.

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