ORC Reveal: Vintage Inspired Garage

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Seven long weeks ago, I started with a design plan and a mission to give my garage a vintage inspired makeover.

Today, my garage is finished and functions a million times better. It’s even pretty cute! I’m so excited to share my vintage inspired garage today!

vintage inspired garage reveal

Big thanks to Linda from Calling It Home for organizing and inspiring us. Have you seen the rooms of the featured designers? So much inspiration! Twice a year, I actually complete a room thanks to Linda. I’m joining the One Room Challenge as a linking participant, along with 200+ other DIY enthusiasts.

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Garage Before

messy garage before photos

Before it was a hoarder’s cove of unfinished projects, garbage and other messes.

Since beginning this challenge, I started selling furniture at a local vintage shop, so it has become necessary to have a space to work that functions well.

Sadly though, winter is upon us and I will soon be forced into the basement to work.

However, it will still be nice for winter. No tripping over piles of stuff to get to the salt and snow shovels. Unless I hoard too much furniture…

vintage inspired garage plans

Welcome to My Vintage Inspired Garage

My plans changed a bit along the way. We needed way less storage units than we thought because we got rid of so much junk.

We also saved money by buying a used toolbox for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

garage makeover with vintage metal cabinet

Look at all that lovely space. This is hubby’s work side.

The vintage cabinet in the back was purchased to be refinished, but we kind of love it in here. To be honest though, it doesn’t really serve a purpose.

vintage inspired garage with scrap wood wall
wood storage

The star of the garage is the scrap wood wall. We were able to use up some unwanted scraps and create a fun accent wall that makes us smile.

wood storage in garage

We used the weird space under the stairs for more scrap wood.

Building a shelf gave us a place to store the shop vac. You have no idea how happy that makes me. That thing never had a home before.

stained concrete floor in garage

The floors were the biggest disappointment. I don’t think they’re bad, but they’re not how we envisioned them.

It’s not a huge deal because they don’t feel precious to us now. If I drip paint, I’m not going to cry.

wood grain pegboard DIY to hold tools in garage

The pegboard wood grain design turned out really cool. And now the pegboard is nice and sturdy. We did a lot of reorganizing, so that it functions better too.

screw and nail storage container

We traded our rickety old nail organizer and various bins and boxes for a sturdy nail organizer. Very convenient for building now!

workbench storage in garage

The old work benched were painted to match the room and they look a lot prettier now. All the bins are labeled and organized into their job types.

skull bottle cap opener on workbench
dartboard on garage wall

We added a fun bottle cap opener to celebrate a hard day’s work. 😉

Instead of bringing back the naked lady, we added a dartboard. My son really enjoys hanging out with us in the garage now. (Although maybe I should sneak that naked lady into his room. Ha! He would be so mad.)

hanging tool storage in garage

We reorganized the hanging rails to make better use of the space. It’s nice to have a place to put our stepladder and sawhorses when not in use.

small scrap wood storage box

We added a dedicated bin for tiny scrap wood instead of just throwing it on the ground or in a cardboard box.

paint storage organization
storage shelf in garage

We bought 2 of these chrome shelves to organize all the chemicals and paint. It’s nice to see what we have at a glance. 

stained concrete floor in garage

Only one shelf is fully utilized. The 2nd holds overflow stuff like tarps and stuff we’ve bought but haven’t installed yet. 

And this is my work space. It’s currently filled with vintage furniture waiting makeovers, but I moved everything out for pictures.

work table and chalkboard wall in garage

The rolling workbench is my repurposed work desk from my former craft room. Having a rolling workbench is so handy.

The chalkboard list is handy too. We can get so much done now! I love a good list.

tool box makeover with spray paint and walnut top

This tool box was purchased off of Facebook marketplace and given a makeover as well. It’s super sturdy and much nicer than the new ones we were looking at. We made a walnut top for it from scrap wood.

toy storage on garage walls

We also added some kid storage. These rails can be customized to hold everything. I love them! (The white bin holds salt for when it gets icy.)

toy storage in garage

These bins hold toys. No more searching for tennis balls for the dog to play with! It looks like we’re much sportier than we are. Haha.

paint storage in garage

I organized my spray paint by color and it brings me such happiness. These shelves are super sturdy, which I love, but they’re not ideal for smaller container like spray paint.

I cut some thin wood to size to put under everything. It’s so nice having all of my paint organized and together.

retractable air compressor hose on ceiling in garage

I talked about this last week, but we added retractable devices to organize our hoses and cords. This one keeps our pneumatic hose out of the way.

retractable extension cord on garage ceiling

And this one is a retractable extension cord. I love this thing. It’s so nice to not have to untangle cords anymore.

new light reflector in garage
scrap wood storage in garage

For our lights, I went in a different direction. I really just wanted more light, so I took a chance on these barn light reflectors.

The price was right and they have a cool industrial look. Plus, no electrical work is needed because it just screws into the existing light. It does provide more light, but the difference is more subtle than I hoped.

I think once I change the bulbs to LED interrogation daylight bulbs, we’ll be good. I have them in my basement and they do a great job there. 

Small things that make me really happy: painting the red poles to blend in. I can’t explain why it makes me so happy, but it does.

DIY shoe shelf in garage corner

My husband utilized the narrow space by the door by building shelves for work boots. Now they can stay out of my house and out of the door way. Double win!

carriage house style doors on garage

The most expensive change was getting new garage doors. The old ones were so bad.

These are dreamy and one of the more affordable options available. They make such a difference on how the house looks now.

We didn’t get to changing out our spotlight or removing the eagle, but I’m okay with that. Until spring. 😉 Or maybe we will get one more random warm day to finish everything up.

scrap wood wall in garage

I’m so happy with how our garage turned out. It might not be the most glamorous room in the ORC, but that was never my point with this makeover.

Redoing this room is the key to getting more rooms done. I’m like a snake eating my own tail. 😉

Fingers crossed for some freak warm days so I can work in my lovely vintage inspired garage.

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inspiring garage makeover

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  1. Scrap wood wall = AWESOME!! And seriously, you need to teach my hubs a lesson on organizing his stuff. Our garage is a catastrophe. Peg wood grain wall, I need me one of those! Retractable extensions cord..I didn’t even know that existed! Great job!!

  2. A functional garage with great storage is really important for a house! The scrap wood wall is SO cool! And yeah I agree with comment above – thanks for the retractable extension cord share, I didn’t know that existed either, and installed high above – that’s a great idea!

    1. Thanks Deb! The retractable cord is plugged into the outlet for the garage door opener, so it makes use of an otherwise hard to use outlet.

  3. Wow! Most organized garage ever! Serious garage goals over here. Way to look on the bright side about the floor, and congrats on a successful ORC!

  4. talk about a job well done! I am totally on board for that plank wall, and the organization makes me happy!
    You should totally be pleased with this reno, it will make projects so much easier now.

  5. What a great transformation! I love the plank wall – such a clever idea. Awesome space to be productive in and spend quality time as a family creating!

  6. I love how useful AND pleasant your garage turned out! It’s nice to work on projects in a space where we’re comfortable and feel creative; nobody wants to spend all day working around a mess. I love the colorful wall! Way to go, Emy!

  7. A retractable extension cord? Get out! I want one.

    I love the garage. Having everything at your fingertips will save time and money. No more double buying supplies because you forgot what you had. Perhaps that is just me, though. 😀

    Great work!

  8. You worked hard on this space Emy. Wow! I am in love with your scrapwood wall. The color combo, and the varied widths of the wood make it look majestic. I also love your beautifully stained pegboard. Great job! I agree with you regarding the floor.
    You will never cry over spilled paint. Kudoos to your ever-willing husband.

  9. My fellow garage makeover buddy – we made it to the end! I love the scrap wood wall, and the box for scrap wood next to your work bench (great minds think alike!). Here’s hoping we keep everything organized 🙂

  10. Great job, Emy! I’m so jealous of your space. (Sidenote: Those stools I spied in the first “before” photo look soooo dreamy.)

  11. Emy,
    I studied every photo and read every word. What a wonderful job you and hubby did on that garage. I know it took a lot of work and planning, etc. Love the scrap wood stair wall, the peg board, the blue painted things throughout (door into house, red pole now blue, rolling tool chest). All just perfect. I must compliment you on your entire article – pictures and words. You are a well organized writer as well. Sigh. Now to take a good look at my garage. . . . groan.

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