Tropical Tiki Sunroom Makeover Reveal

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This tropical tiki sunroom makeover was a lot of work, but I’m so happy with the results.

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Over 6 weeks, I worked on my sunroom to create a lovely space to spend time. Here’s the details of each week.

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Week 1: Plans

Week 2: Demo

Week 3: Painting Shibori Walls

Week 4: Stain Concrete

Week 5: Progress

This is the room that we started with. It was okay but needed some repairs to the walls where the pup had destroyed them.

We dreamed of a room to live in during the summer, that would function as a 2nd kitchen when we were too lazy to come inside for lunch and to hang out in.

The results are even better than I dreamed. I am so thrilled with this room. There are so many special elements like the mermaid aqua floors and the sparkly countertops.

Need help getting started with your own room makeover?

room planner on aqua background with pink button

This room just proves to me that when I don’t hold anything back, the results are so good.

No, aqua floors probably aren’t great for resale, but I don’t have any plans for moving any time soon. Don’t let fear stop you from your dream home.

The after feels finished and more importantly the room is so much FUN!

Look at those floors! It was so hard to cover them with a rug, but it’s necessary to help prevent slipping since the pool is right outside.

I made my daybed dreams come true by building the easiest daybed ever.

We already had most of the furniture. It just looks so much better in the space now with the addition of newly covered pillows.

Our vintage bar cart sits by the bar, ready for action. How great are these stools, by the way? I need to buy one more set!

My husband helped me build this bar. I’ve always admired and wanted a vintage bar, but after only finding one that was covered in fur???, we made our own.

I painted the inside of the bar a contrasting lime green color since it is seen from the door. The inside of the bar contains so much storage space!

We can keep our outdoor dishes in the room, plus pool toys and supplies! For more storage, I brought our white shelf back into the room.

The kitchenette area is a dream come true for me. Before there was a damaged, cheap bathroom sink sitting here with the world’s longest hose attached to it.

We tore it out and installed cabinetry instead and topped them with the most gorgeous countertops ever.

The mini fridge is the cutest fridge in the world! It was such a great price and I’m so glad we went with this choice instead of a plain fridge.

The bar sink has the tiniest drainer I’ve ever seen and it’s so cute. I’m really happy with the sink. It came with a faucet that was pretty decent, so one less thing to buy! The art was found at a thrift store about a year ago.

It has been so much fun shopping for this space.

Tropical tiki sunroom reveal. If you love colorful makeovers, this is for you. This room is filled with budget friendly techniques for a unique look!

I added LED string lights on both ends of the room for a romantic atmosphere at night.

The countertops are so pretty!! Can you believe we made them?

A shelf provides plenty of space for glasses. It’s not a complete rainbow yet, but I’m working on it.

A lady vase holds pretty flowers.

I’m ready for a drink! By the way, check out that gorgeous art from CopperCornersArt! Her work is so amazing.

The texture in her work is so beautiful! By, the way, the shibori walls were also inspired by Mary Catherine.

The other piece of art that I’m thrilled with is this vintage oil painting. I found it in the dark, scary part of a barn sale that I like to shop at.

The Cuba travel poster I’ve had so long that it’s probably vintage by now. 😉

Okay, I think it’s nap time now. I’m so in love with kantha quilts and this one makes me so happy!

So does the fringe pillow. It adds such a fun texture. I really wanted to add softness to the room and I think the bed really helps with that.

So what do you think? Happiest sunroom ever?

Tropical tiki sunroom reveal. If you love colorful makeovers, this is for you. This room is filled with budget friendly techniques for a unique look!

Anyone want to come over for a drink and a nap? Wait, is that weird? 😉

Tropical tiki sunroom reveal. If you love colorful makeovers, this is for you. This room is filled with budget friendly techniques for a unique look!


Concrete stain | Tutorial

Concrete Resurfacing | Tutorial

Shibori Walls Tutorial

Wicker furniture: Pier 1 via Craigslist

Lamps: Home Goods

String Lights

Daybed: Tutorial

Kantha blanket

Fringe Pillow: Home Goods

Tropical Leaves Art

Tropical bird fabric

Green leaf fabric


Pouf: Target (not available)

Blue pillows

Throw blanket: Home Goods

Bar cart: Vintage

Bar: Made by me

Bar stools



Bar sink

Mini fridge


Countertops | Tutorial

Glasses : Home Goods

Ceiling fan

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  1. oh emy, it looks SOOOOOOOO flippin’ good! a tropical boho oasis in maryland! i love the colors, the walls, the kantha… all of it! your diy skills really took this space to amazing! cheers to you!

  2. I’LL BE RIGHT OVER!! The only thing you’re missing is some mint numero julep did fixins and friends! Beautiful work, my friend!!

  3. Emmy this all looks fantastic. The blues are compliment each other nicely, and the decor is perfect! I like my vodka cold! so start chilling it now 😉

  4. Damn girl… This is soooo good!! Love the walls, love the floor, love the daybeds, love the bar! What time are you passing out the margaritas? I’ll be right over ; )

  5. I love all the bright colors, and the pattern mixing all works so well together! The wall treatment is amazing, the countertops, the floor… Well done!

  6. Seriously…you had me at tiki! I LOVE how much character this room has. There’s so much eye candy in this room…my head is spinning. lol. You’re right, those stools are awesome! Congrats!

  7. Wow Emy! Your sunroom looks amazing! As an island girl, born and raised, I must say thanks for bringing to me a piece of home :). From the wet bar, to the retro fridge, to the ceiling fan, everything looks so lovely. I am also in love with that daybed……a..nd shibori wall. I hope you and family enjoy this lovely room. Great job.

  8. Well now I want to go on vacation, you room is so bright and cheery it makes me laugh by for umbrella drinks and tiki torches!!!! Great job it turned out marvelous!!!

  9. This is PERFECT! I love the use of color and pattern and I could so see myself curled up on that daybed! Fantastic reveal and great work!

  10. Love this room from top to bottom. The walls!! The Floor!!! The colors!! It is all just so fresh, original, and fun. Every detail just rings tropic. Love it! Congrats on a great makeover. Susie from the Chelsea Project

  11. Ok, first, I can’t believe how much you did in this room. I am so impressed! Even better, it is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the floors, the countertop, and that vintage bar cart. It looks like the perfect place to relax. Beautiful job!

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