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How to Paint a DIY Galaxy Wall Mural

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Learn how to paint a DIY galaxy wall mural. This hand-painted mural is a variation of my painted ombre dresser, but on a wall!

Last weekend, while my daughter was at a sleepover, I started her room makeover with the DIY galaxy wall mural.

We had discussed it beforehand and I knew that she preferred the mostly purple galaxy images versus the more colorful ones. 

DIY galaxy wall mural

It’s Week 2 of the One Room Challenge, a challenge where 20 featured designers and over 200 guest participants makeover a room in just 6 weeks. I love seeing everyone else’s plans and progress. 

Last week, I shared my plans for my daughter’s boho room makeover. 

What Kind of Paint do You Use for a Mural?

I used regular latex paint for most of the mural. Flatter finishes blend easier. However, the base color was in eggshell, so I used what I had.

I did end up using chalk paint as well because I decided that I needed some light blue and it’s what I had on hand. 

For small details, acrylic paint would work okay. 

purple paint cans
I used the glaze, but it worked the same as spraying the paint with water.

How Long Does it Take to Paint a Mural?

I was able to finish this galaxy mural in about 4 hours. The technique relies on blending wet paint, so I didn’t have to wait for paint to dry. 

How to Paint a DIY Galaxy Wall Mural

Supplies Needed

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*Chalk paint isn’t necessary. I had it on hand, so I used it to add the blue.

  1. Prepare your walls as necessary. I had to remove vinyl decals, clean the walls and fill nail holes. Be sure to prime your nail holes after they’re sanded and dry.
    prepare walls by filling holes
  2. Protect your floor with drop cloths. This has the potential to be messy. 
  3. Paint your walls the darker background color. Her walls were already this color, so I just did touch up over the primed nail holes. The areas around the edges received 2 coats of paint.
    prime and paint filled holes
  4. Paint a blobby shape using the lightest color first.
    painted blobby shape
  5. Spray it water as you go and blend it to soften the paint.
    spray the paint with water to blend
  6. Add the medium color around the edges and blend as you go. Spray water and watch for drips. Some drips are okay, but too many look weird.
    galaxy mural in progress
  7. Blend and blend some more.
    blending paint for galaxy mural
  8. Add the dark color and blend it with the edges of the other colors and paint over the dark color with your brush. This creates a hazy look in the dark areas instead of a solid color.
    blending the purple paints
  9. The light blue was used to create the cloudy looking parts. The addition of blue helped the purples from feeling too flat. 

Adding the Stars

  1. Use light blue to paint a few halos for the stars and blend them with the background.
    glowing stars
  2. Paint dots in varying sizes on the wall using the lightest color of purple.
    paint dots for stars
  3. Use an art brush to flick paint paint on the walls. Just rub your thumb across a wet brush flick the paint onto the walls. Stiff flat edge brushes worked the best. If you get splatters that are too big, make them into larger stars.
    flick paint for stars

Tips for Painting a Galaxy Mural

  • It’s going to look bad at first. Keep going and blending. 
  • Step back every now and then to make sure it looks good from far away. It always looks better from far away.
  • Keep blending the paint until you’re happy.
    close up of blending
  • Avoid hard edges and defined shapes. 
diy galaxy wall mural

Wait until you see the whole room come together!

stenciled bone inlay canopy bed with boho bedding

Be sure to check out the final room reveal!

Don’t want to paint your own? Try a wallpaper mural instead!

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  1. What a great project! I really like the purples and the tutorial. Made me laugh a little that you reminded us that it will look bad at first. Such a great reminder for any project- it always looks the worse in the beginning. I am really looking forward to seeing this room come together

  2. Emy this is so cool your creativity is always so inspiring! Love that deep purple color that you chose too, I had a bedroom that color when we first got married about 22 years ago and this color made me miss it the serenity of it. Can not wait to see more of this room!!!

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