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Moody Tween Room Reveal: $100 Room Challenge

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Today’s the day for my moody tween room reveal! My girl’s room is done and she’s thrilled.

I’ve been working hard to make my daughter’s room into a room as moody as she is. Ha!

Seriously though, she wanted a goth room inspired by her love of Five Nights at Freddy’s. So we majorly compromised and came up with a plan that I didn’t hate, all for a $100 budget.

My main goal for this room was to create a space to reflect my artistic little one. Although she went through a pink phase, it never felt like her. I feel like this room really reflects her personality now. 

Her room needed to be decluttered and while it could still use some work, it’s a million times better now. My girl loves to create, so making a space that she could use for drawing was important.

This is where we started.

Moody Tween Room Reveal

Moody tween room

The walls are a nice moody shade of plum with gold vinyl decals to frame her art.

Moody tween room | FNAF room

I made a pillow with FNAF fabric that I found at Spoonflower. To save money, I only bought a fat quarter. I used fabric I already had for the back and then I reused a pillow that I was tired of.

Moody tween room

I love how the decals frame her art. We decided to use tacks instead of the tape that she loves so much.

Moody tween room

I updated her old light with gold spray paint. The gold looks so pretty against the purple.

Moody tween room

She had her eye on a pricey pillow at Michael’s, so I made her one that might even be better. I used shiny purple HTV and fabric that was left over from other projects.

Moody tween room

Her room was cleaned out and organized. That was the worst part of the whole thing.

I made her an art desk out of some old shelves and some IKEA desktops that weren’t being used. The stool was a thrift find that I painted and recovered.

Moody tween room

Now she has plenty of room to create and play. She really likes the area behind the chair and under the desk.

Moody tween room

I even cleaned off her window seat in case she wants to sit here and read.

Moody tween room

Adding simple hooks to her room gives her easy storage for her robe and hats. She could use about 10 more hooks, probably.

I did not get to her closet. That alone could be another $100 room challenge. 😉

Moody tween room

She loves the changes and I’m just happy that her room is clean.

Working in this room made me realize how many small things I buy that I just don’t even notice. Having a $100 budget made me very aware of this!

$100 Budget

  • $35 Comforter
  • $26 Paint
  • $2 Tacks
  • $0 Vinyl (already had)
  • $10 Stool
  • $0 Fabric (already had)
  • $10.50 Spoonflower fabric
  • $22 Ruffled bedskirt

Total: $103.50

I went over a few dollars. The bed skirt felt very necessary but doesn’t even show in the photos. There’s still a ton that I could have done in here, but she’s happy and I’m happy. We’re both glad that I’m done. Fingers crossed that it stays clean for a few more days.

Who else is glad to be done? Want to see a bunch of amazing rooms done on a budget? Check these out!

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  1. I am freaking. out. about that Vader poster. Seriously. And love how the purple turned out. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time because of the “moody tween” haha. It turned out great and I know she’ll love it. Great job!

  2. It looks beautiful Emy! I love the wall color (plum), and not to mention, the paint took a chunk out of that redo but you stayed well close to your budget 🙂

  3. That skull pillow is so cool! It looks store bought. Very impressive. I am also really loving the gold accents. I think I am going through a phase. 🙄 Great job on the entire room!

  4. Love the colors and the spaces you created to play, read and create! Amd the creative solution for displaying her art is fantastic!

  5. Your daughter must be so happy with this makeover! This looks more ‘teen-friendly’ and what a grear idea of ‘frame’ her art – those wall decals are a great idea!

  6. You did an amazing job in here!!! I can see why your daughter loves this space so much. Love the deep purple on the walls, and love that you made pillows vs buying new. Also happy to hear the closet might be a contender in another $100 Room Challenge 😉 So happy to have you joining this round!

  7. Emy! This is amazing and I love how you let her have her own personality in her space. I think too often we want to decorate how we want the home to be and look, but it’s super cool that you gave her the choices for the room. You did a fabulous job – the purple looks great, she has so many places to create and display and those pillows!!! Love this one!

  8. I am loving the vinyl frames on the wall for displaying her art work. My oldest loves to create and she had an art line before we moved. I may do this instead when I makeover her room.

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