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How to Paint a Geometric Accent Wall

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A painted geometric accent wall is an easy way to add interest to a boring wall.

This easy DIY painted wall features a modern pattern of abstract triangles in a monochromatic color scheme.

It’s so easy to customize the colors to match your home!

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pin image - teal triangle accent wall

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I haven’t picked up a paintbrush since I finished my craft room a few months ago, so this project was much-needed paint therapy for me.

I get that some people hate painting, but for me, it’s absolute bliss. My husband considers painting pure torture, though.

Painting a geometric accent wall was the perfect project because it was quick and easy.

The wall I painted was only about 4′ wide and I only painted the top 5 feet above the chair rail. I was able to finish the whole project in one day.

People have opinions on accent walls and I’m here to say: do what makes you happy.

This corner is in my living room and probably doesn’t make a lot of sense next to the wallpaper panels.

But I don’t care.

I stare at this wall for countless hours a day and it makes me so happy now. My desk area finally feels super inspiring.

Geometric Accent Wall FAQs

Which wall should be your accent wall?

In general, an accent wall should be the wall that you want to call attention to. It’s a good idea for it to anchor large furniture (like behind a sofa or a bed) or have a feature that you want to call attention to (like a fireplace or windows.)

However, you can also throw the rules out the window and do what you want. That’s what I did in this case.

I painted a small wall behind my desk since I spend so much time there.

What tape do you use for a geometric wall?

I used 3M painter’s tape for this project. In the past, I’ve also used Frog Tape. Personally, I see no difference in how they work. I even tested it when I painted my floor in a checkerboard pattern.

Just make sure that you use a low-tack painter’s tape and remove the tape right after applying the last coat of paint (while it’s wet.)

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Painting a Geometric Accent Wall

Supplies Needed:

I used paint that I already had in my garage. If you don’t have paint already, save money with paint samples or by buying a quart instead of a gallon.

I chose 3 colors in the teal family, but you can choose however many colors you want. You can also choose colors in different families for a brighter look.

The colors I used are Dark teal: Sherwin Williams Laguna Blue, Medium teal: SW Cooled Blue, and the Light teal is SW Sea Salt. The base color is Behr Alabaster.

This entire wall was painted with brushes since it was small. If your wall is large, use rollers to save time.

This uses WAY less tape than I thought it would! Unless your wall is really big, one roll of tape is probably plenty.


before photo of office nook

Step 1: Prep your walls. Remove all the artwork and nails. Fill the nail holes with spackle and let dry. Then sand and prime those spots.

If you skip priming, it will result in funky spots on your wall where the spackle absorbed too much paint.

blank well ready for paint

Step 2: Tape off your design. As you go, make sure that no area looks too uniform.

You want a variety of shapes and sizes. I chose to make all of my shapes triangles, but you can make yours have 4 sides if you want.

wall taped into geometric pattern

Step 3: (Optional if you don’t want any color touching.) Figure out how you’re going to paint each shape. I took a photo of the taped wall and opened it in Procreate on my iPad.

Then I colored each shape. During this process, I realized that I needed to split a shape into 2 so that the colors wouldn’t touch.

Step 4: Mark the first color using small bits of tape. As you paint, you can remove the small bits of paint, saving them for the next color.

taped wall pattern with bits of tape to mark 1st color

Step 5: Seal the edges of the tape. Paint your existing wall color over the edges of the paint to seal the edges and get a crisp line from the paint. If any paint bleeds, it will be the original wall color!

sealing edges of tape with paint
My existing wall color is MIA, so I used a similar shade of white instead.

Step 6: Paint the first color. Continue with your colors until you’re done.

painting a pale teal color onto geometric mural

Step 7: Let the paint dry.

wall mural paint drying

Step 8: Paint the 2nd coat of paint onto each shape.

Most colors cover well in 2 coats of paint. If your color needs more coats, keep going.

finished triangle wall paint drying before removing the paint

Step 9: Remove the tape while the paint is still wet. This prevents the tape from adhering to the wall and removing the paint with the tape.

finished teal geometric wall mural
The paint is still drying in this photo.

Ta-da! You’re done!

home office nook by staircase with teal triangle wall mural

And here’s how my office space looks now. I also took the time to repaint my filing cabinet. This space is now SO inspiring to work in!

So tell me, do you love painting or would you rather stick a needle in your eye like my husband?

Yield: 1

Paint a Geometric Accent Wall

teal geometric accent wall in office nook

Learn how to paint a geometric accent wall. This project is a quick and easy way to add interest to a boring wall using only tape and paint!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 2 hours
Additional Time 1 hour
Total Time 3 hours 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $30


  • Paint (in the color of your wall, plus 2-3 colors for the shapes)
  • Spackle
  • Primer
  • Painter's tape


  • Paint brush
  • Sand paper


  1. Prep you wall by making any repairs needed. Remove nails and fill with spackle. Let dry and sand.
  2. Prime any spots that you filled with spackle.
  3. Touch up base paint as needed.
  4. Tape off your design. I wanted all of my shapes to be triangles, but yours can have 4 sides if you want.
  5. Paint the edges of the paint with your current wall color. This seals the tape to get crisp lines.
  6. Let the paint dry.
  7. Paint the first color. I marked the shapes with small pieces of tape so I wouldn't get confused.
  8. Paint the 2nd color.
  9. Paint the 3rd color.
  10. Let the paint dry.
  11. Do a 2nd coat as needed.
  12. Remove the tape while the paint is wet to avoid damaging your walls.

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    1. I used pretty short lengths of tape so they stayed straight on their own. For a larger wall, you might want to use a chalk line to snap perfectly straight lines on the way before taping.

    1. The white background is Behr Alabaster, the lightest color is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, the medium teal is SW Cooled Blue and the darkest teal is SW Laguna Green.

  1. This is very cute!! I’m going to do a red and blue geometric in my 8yo boy’s room (2 walls). Thank you for explaining the tape sealing!

    1. It depends on a few things.
      Wall size: if your wall is small like mine samples will work. If it’s larger, quarts will work. If it’s giant, you’ll want gallons.
      Colors: Some colors cover better than others. Warm, bright colors will need way more paint. So if you’re using yellows, bright pinks, and reds, buy the larger paint cans. Pastels cover really well, so you need less paint.
      Have fun!

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