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How to Paint a Scalloped Wall

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Learn how to paint a scalloped wall design in your home. This is a great way to add interest to a boring wall.

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aqua scalloped wall

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I’m so excited to share the first real project in our new house in Florida.

The entryway felt like a good place to start. It’s the first area that you see when you walk into our home. This area is also seen from my desk, so I look at this wall a lot.

My initial plans were thwarted due to light switches placed in the center of the wall, so I decided to paint a feature wall.

I decided on painting a scalloped wall, but with a twist. Since we live near the beach and water, I decided to flip my scallops to look more like waves.

I love the effect that it creates. Maybe it’s blue waves, maybe it’s white scallops.

How to Paint a Scalloped Wall

Before I get started, I wanted to point out that my walls have a slight orange-peel texture and this design still worked pretty well. (I get a lot of questions about textured walls, so it’s good to finally have some answers.)

Up close, it’s not perfect, but when you stand back from it, it looks amazing.

Supplies Needed:

I used HGTV by Sherwin Williams paint in Pure White and Celadon Pottery in eggshell. This color is hard to find online, but it’s very similar to SW Hazel.

Learn more about my favorite painting tools here.

  1. Prepare your walls for paint as needed. Fill all nail holes and prime those spots.
  2. If needed, paint your walls the base color.
  3. Use a laser level and tape off how high you want the design to go. (In a normal, non-vaulted room, I recommend going up about 2/3 or 3/4 of the wall.) taped off wall for painting
    I used the height of the offensive wallpaper border to determine my height.
  4. Paint the bottom part of the wall up to the tape.painting wall aqua
  5. Once that coat of paint is dry, add another coat for full coverage.
  6. Remove the painter’s tape while the paint is wet on the final coat of paint.painted wall with tape removed
  7. Print out the stencil and cut it out.printed scallop stencil and scissors
  8. Use it to trace the design onto the wall with a pencil. tracing paper stencil for scalloped wall
  9. Use a small craft paint to fill in the scallops/waves.using craft brush to paint scallop wall details
  10. Let the paint dry and add another coat as needed until it looks solid.
  11. If you accidentally paint outside the lines, use the base color to touch up the paint.
aqua scalloped waves wall

Other Tips to Know

  • You will need a steady hand to paint this design. Skip the 2nd cup of coffee.
  • I used eggshell paint because it’s much more forgiving and hides mistakes better than a glossy paint.
  • Don’t use a pen to trace the stencil. Ink is almost impossible to cover with paint.
  • There will be a ridge from the paint tape. If it bothers you, you can sand it smooth and touch up paint as needed.
  • For larger scallops, trace something round and large, like a dinner plate.

Did you know that you can get paint samples mailed to you? This is such a convenient way to view paint colors without going to the store a million times!

The Entryway

Here’s how it looked after I painted the wall.

entryway with aqua scallop wall and boho mirror

We just had the flooring redone, so here’s how it’s looking now:

scalloped wall in entryway with high ceiling

Our MCM-inspired Besta cabinet was damaged in the move, so I added new doors and legs. This cabinet holds games and puzzles.

I am obsessed with this palm tree mirror. So good!

details of entry table

This wood bowl holds our growing seashell collection (we have a ton that needs to be cleaned still.)

The vase and pampas grass add height and disguise the HVAC controls.

wicker elephant, pampas grass, and palm tree mirror on teal scalloped wall

Still to do:

  • New light
  • New rug that fits the double doors
  • Paint closet door and front doors

Download the Scallop Stencil Template

All downloads are for personal use only. Please do not redistribute or sell files.

Scallop Stencil

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collage of hand painting scallop design and scallop wall

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