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Cute Cricut Valentine’s Earrings to Make with Faux Leather

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Learn how to make these fun Cricut Valentine’s earrings with faux leather. These earrings make a great gift, or you can keep them for yourself.

If you’re new to Cricut earring making, you might want to check out this post about making earrings with faux leather. I cover all the basics in detail there.

heart earrings and bow earrings

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Faux leather is a lot of fun to craft with. It’s lightweight, so it’s perfect for earrings. I am currently obsessed with silly earrings, so I had to make some for myself.

I created these cute earrings for Valentine’s Day, but who says you can’t wear hearts year-round? And those bows are definitely appropriate all year.

Cricut Valentine’s Earrings

Supplies Needed:

If you’re new to crafting with faux leather, check out this post on cutting faux leather with a Cricut. It’s filled with details that will be skimmed over for brevity’s sake.

supplies for cricut earrings

Bow Earrings

Please note: the bow is supposed to have two pieces so that it moves.

  1. Upload the design.
  2. Cut the faux leather and remove it from the mat.
  3. Align the bow and the ribbon tails together. making bow earrings with faux leather
  4. Use a leather punch to add a hole to both layers. using leather punch on faux leather earrings
  5. Attach the bow pieces to the earring with a jump ring.bow earring made with cricut
  6. Repeat for the other earring.
bow earrings made with faux leather

Sugar Cookie Earrings

  1. Upload the design and cut the tan cookie part with leather. (The other layers are iron-on vinyl.)
  2. Mirror the image before cutting the XO part.
  3. Weed the iron-on design as usual.
  4. Apply the pink heart to the tan leather piece using the EasyPress mini on Low for 10 seconds. (Cover it with parchment paper to avoid melting the plastic.)
  5. Remove the plastic backing from the pink heart.
  6. Apply the XO over the pink heart and press for another 10 seconds.
  7. Remove the plastic backing. making cookie earring
  8. Repeat for the other earring.
  9. Use the leather punch to make a hole in the top of the heart.pink cookie earrings
  10. Attach the leather to the earring with a jump ring.
  11. Repeat for the other earring. valentine cookie earrings
heart cookie earrings made with faux leather

Dangling Heart Earrings with Glitter Iron-on

  1. Cut a small piece of glitter iron-on and the same size of faux leather.
  2. Place the glitter iron-on over the faux leather.
  3. Cover it with parchment paper and use the EasyPress mini on low for 10 seconds. I used heat-resistant tape to hold it in place.applying iron-on vinyl to faux leather
  4. Remove the plastic backing from the glitter.
  5. Upload the design.
  6. Cut the design. The glitter iron-on faux leather must be taped to stick to the mat. I used painter’s tape, but a strong washi tape will also work. Adhere to all four sides for the best results. The same settings are used for cutting faux leather (faux leather – paper thin.) pink glitter hearts
  7. As shown, use a leather punch to make holes in the heart shapes. faux leather hearts for earrings
  8. Use jump rings to attach the hearts together.
  9. Attach the string of hearts to an earring with another jump ring. dangling heart earrings
  10. Repeat for the other earring. pink and red dangling heart earrings
dangling heart earring made with iron-on vinyl and faux leather
valentine's earrings made with cricut

Other Valentine’s Day Crafts

Download Valentine Earring SVGs

All downloads are for personal use only. Please do not redistribute or sell files.

Valentine Earring SVGs

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heart earrings made from faux leather

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