The Best Glass Ornament Blanks

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Learn more about the best glass ornament blanks for Christmas crafting.

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collage of clear ornaments

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Things to Consider When Buying Glass Ornament Blanks

When buying glass ornament blanks, there are a few things to consider. (Trust me, I’ve bought a ton of ornaments that were different than what I was expecting.)

Ornament Ball Sizing

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I struggle with sizing when buying things online. We’ve all seen the memes of someone buying a sofa and it’s actually for a dollhouse.

I’ve had the same thing happen when buying ornaments.

Here’s what you need to know: regular ornament bulbs are between 80-100mm or 3″.

Plastic VS Glass Ornaments

I know that glass is classy, but I’ve had better luck crafting with clear plastic ornaments than glass.

Some glass ornaments are even coated with something that prevents stuff from sticking to the inside.

Plastic is great for homes with pets and children. Or clumsy adults. I’ve broken more ornaments than my children have.

But if you love glass, then buy glass.

Open Vs Closed

I’ve also accidentally bought ornaments that open. I love these ornaments for using with alcohol ink and placing larger items in.

However, they do have a seam on the side that is very visible.

Glass Ornament Blanks


Ball-shaped ornaments are so versatile!

Please note how similar they look in photos. I’ve included sizes and descriptions where I think it would be helpful.

Here are some of my favorites.

Normal Sized Christmas Balls

Normal is relative I suppose, but I just mean ornaments that are the size of most other ornaments.

round glass ornaments

Small Ornaments

These ornaments are 50mm or about 1 1/2″. Perfect for smaller trees.

small glass ornament

Medium Glass Balls

These glass balls are 70mm.

glass ball ornament

Multi-Sized Pack

This is a great set if you want several sizes to craft with.

glass ornament set

Flat Ornament Blanks

I just bought these flat glass ornaments for a project and I’m excited to try them out.

flat glass ornaments

Plastic Ornament Blanks

I love crafting with plastic ornaments. They’re harder to break and easier to work with.

Ball Ornaments

Regular-Sized Ornament Balls

Here’s a set of standard size plastic ornament balls.

clear plastic ornaments

Large Ornament

I accidentally ordered this large ornament. There’s only one in the box, but it might be fun to craft with.

clear plastic ornament

Lightbulb-Shaped Ornaments

I love the retro feel of these lightbulb-shaped ornaments.

plastic lightbulb shaped ornaments


These ornaments snap open and shut, allowing you to fill them with larger items.

Teardrop Shapes

These teardrop-shaped ornaments are so much fun! These are a little over 4″ long.

clear plastic teardrop shaped ornaments

Ball Shaped Fillable Ornaments

These ball-shaped ornaments are 80mm, which is a bit smaller than standard ornaments.

clear fillable ball ornaments

Star Shaped Fillable Ornaments

I love these star-shaped ornaments!

clear fillable star-shaped ornaments

Large Ball Shaped

These large ornaments were another accidental purchase.

clear plastic fillable ornaments

Flat Acrylic Blanks

Acrylic Blanks

This is another set of blanks that I just ordered. These blanks are acrylic and I can’t wait to try them with vinyl.

acrylic ornament blanks

Ceramic Ornament Blanks

I’m including ceramic ornament blanks in this list because they are my current favorites to work with. You can add decals (like this monogram) or even paint them.

Circle ornaments

I bought a set that is very similar to these and they were so much fun to craft with.

ceramic christmas ornaments

Star shape ornaments

These star shapes are so cute!

star shaped ceramic ornaments

Heart shape ornaments

I love these heart-shaped ornaments too.

heart shaped ceramic ornaments

Bone Shaped Ornaments

Okay, I also need these bone-shaped ornaments. My doggy needs a custom ornament!

bone shaped ceramic ornament

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