Make Your Own DIY Valentines Mug with Vinyl!

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Surprise your sweetie with a DIY Valentines mug! This project uses permanent vinyl, but you can also learn how I used HTV on wineglasses here.

My daughter just told me that she used to love Valentines Day, but now she hates it. Her school stopped celebrating the holiday and I think it’s a shame. What’s better than a sugar coma?

I remember eating so much candy that I once vomited on the bus after a party. I also remember how much some of the conservation hearts made me cringe with embarrassment.

As an adult, those are now my favorite. So, I made DIY Valentines mugs for my sweetie to celebrate the upcoming holiday. 

Keep reading to learn how, plus get your free cut files!

diy valentines mug

DIY Valentines Mug Using Vinyl

Supplies Needed

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  • Silhouette
  • Permanent vinyl (I bought this pack and it’s nice to have a huge selection on hand!)
  • Silhouette weeding tools
  • Transfer Paper
  • Mugs (Look for mugs without curves for best results)
  • Cut files (Click the download button at end of the post)

If you want to add your own text, ungroup the image, delete the text included. Click the text button to add your own. I used Arial Rounded for a cute, retro feel.

Cut Your Vinyl for Your Mug

  1. Open the cut file in Silhouette Studio.
  2. Choose the files you want and copy and paste them onto a new sheet.
  3. Size them appropriately. As is, they are sized to roughly 2.5″ square to fit my mugs.
  4. To minimize confusion, I changed the colors on each heart so that I would know which vinyl to use.
  5. When you’re happy with the size and placement, click on the SEND panel at the top of the screen.
  6. Your settings for vinyl will be 2, 8 speed, 9 thickness instead of a preset.
  7. Apply a 3″ square piece of vinyl to your mat, placed in a spot where it lines up with your design placement on the screen.
  8. Load the mat.
  9. When you’re ready for it to cut, press the send tab and press START.
  10. When the vinyl is finished being cut, unload the vinyl.
  11. Weed the excess away, leaving the heart with the cut out letters.
    diy valentines mug in progress

Using Vinyl on Mugs

  1. Use rubbing alcohol to wipe your mugs down. This removes any oil from your hands that keeps the vinyl from properly adhering.
  2. Apply a piece of transfer paper to the vinyl.
    transfer paper on vinyl
  3. Rub it so that the vinyl sticks to the transfer paper.
  4. Peel the backing from the vinyl, leaving the design on the transfer tape.
  5. Place the design onto your mug along the center first.
    vinyl on mug
  6. Press it down, working your way out from the center until the vinyl is firmly secured to the mug.
  7. Finally, remove the transfer tape.
    diy valentines mug
  8. If you have any small wrinkles, you can normally smooth them out with your fingers.
    Hot Stuff mug for valentines

Care for Your Vinyl Mugs

For best results, let your mugs sit for a day or 2 before use. This allows the vinyl plenty of time to adhere to the mug.

Even permanent vinyl needs special care.

  • Hand wash
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Not microwave safe
  • Don’t soak in water

Mug Design Placement

Wondering where to place the design on the mug? You have a few options depending on what you like.

Place the design on each side.

This will require you to create 2 designs for each side.

Place the design facing in.

This requires some thought about which hand is used to drink with.

I like this option because I view drinking tea and coffee as a personal activity, so facing the design towards the drinker makes sense.

Place a design facing out.

This is a great option for sassy mugs (you know, the ones that say stuff like “Nope” and “Go Away.”

Using Vinyl on Mugs FAQs

Can you use vinyl on mugs?

Yes. Keep in mind that even permanent vinyl should not be put in the dishwasher or microwave, though.

What kind of vinyl should you use on mugs?

These mugs were made with permanent vinyl (Oracle 651.) However, I’ve also used iron-on vinyl with wine glasses. Both need to be hand-washed.

Can vinyl mugs be microwaved?

No, vinyl can release fumes when heated, so avoid placing mugs with vinyl decals in the microwave.

Is permanent vinyl dishwasher safe?

No. Even permanent vinyl should be hand-washed.

Cricut has a type that claims to be dishwasher safe, but I haven’t tried it.

conversation hearts mug

Download Your Cut Files Here

Download 9 Candy Heart Cut Files

conversation hearts for valentine's day svgs

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