Gift Card Holder Template – Free Printable Template

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Download a free printable gift card holder template. This printable template is easy to use with pretty paper.

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gift card envelope

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Is there anyone who doesn’t love getting a gift card as a gift? I love them because they allow the person to choose what they really want.

They’re available for pretty much every popular store, so it’s easy to give a gift that the recipient will love.

Gift cards are really popular with the teen crowd and we end up giving them as gifts to a lot of friends.

So I decided to make gift card envelope templates to make gifting them a little more festive. It’s so easy to whip up several of these at a time!

Psst…This is also a great envelope size to gift cash!

If you have a Cricut, I also have instructions for using a Cricut to make a gift card envelope!

Free Gift Card Envelope Template

Supplies Needed

Look for double-sided scrapbook paper if you want the envelope to be pretty on the inside too!

paper and scissors for making a gift card envelope

Using the Template

  1. Print out your free template. (Scroll down for download link.)
  2. Use scissors to cut out the card holder template
  3. Trace the template on the back of your chosen paper. tracing template onto pretty paper
  4. Cut it card envelope cut out using pretty yellow paper

Finishing the Gift Card Envelope

  1. Fold along the dotted lines. (Any stray pencil marks can be erased.)folding gift card envelope
  2. Use a bone folder to make nice crisp edges.
  3. Apply glue to the edges.

    (If you have trouble with making a glue stick stick faster, sit on the envelope. The heat and weight of your body makes the glue adhere faster.)gluing sides of envelope
  4. Insert gift card. gift card envelope with gift card
  5. Seal with washi tape. gift cards with washi tape on back

You can even add a bow or other fun embellishment! Stickers would be cute!

gift card and gift card holders

Download a Free Gift Card Holder Template

All downloads are for personal use only. Please do not redistribute or sell files.

For best results, print scaled to 100%.

This template is a PDF.

Download the Template

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