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Painted Metallic Pumpkins: The Easiest Painted Pumpkins Ever

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Painted metallic pumpkins are really easy to make. It’s so much fun to watch the patina spray react to the metal in the paint and turn blue. Plus, these pumpkins look great with pretty much every decor style!

I love using fake pumpkins to decorate with for fall, like these tissue paper decoupage pumpkins or these painted pumpkins. 

Read more about making your own painted bronze metallic pumpkins for fall decorating!

painted metallic pumpkins

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Painted Metallic Pumpkins

Supplies Needed

Note: I had to do all of the painting steps twice to get the bottom and top of the pumpkin. I’ve seen people stab the pumpkins with a bamboo skewer to be able to work on the entire pumpkin at once, but I didn’t want holes in the bottom of mine. If you use the skewer method, sit it in a vase to dry. 

Prime The Pumpkin for the Metallic Paint

  1. Paint the pumpkin with the primer and let it dry. It’s a pretty rust color that would look great on its own!
    painting pumpkins with primer

Paint the Pumpkin with Metallic Paint

  1. Paint the pumpkin with the bronze paint.
  2. A small artist’s brush can get close to the stem without making a mess.
    painting pumpkins with bronze paint
  3. The pumpkin will need a 2nd coat of bronze paint to adequately cover the pumpkin.

Apply the Patina for Metallic Pumpkins

  1. Pour the patina into a spray bottle.
  2. While the 2nd coat of bronze paint is wet, spray it with patina and watch the magic occur. The patina turns the prettiest shade of blue!
    spraying pumpkins with patina
  3. Let the pumpkins dry and display as you wish! No top coat is necessary!
    pumpkins with patina spray

Isn’t the blue patina so pretty?

pumpkins in wicker bowl
close up of painted metallic pumpkin patina
painted metallic pumpkins in wicker bowl

Painted Pumpkin FAQs

What is a fake pumpkin?

A fake pumpkin is made from plastic and can be used from year to year. Real pumpkins only last a few weeks if you’re lucky.

This allows you to paint or decorate a pumpkin and keep using it.

What kind of paint do you use on fake pumpkins?

The beauty of fake pumpkins is that you can use any type of paint on them. I’ve used spray paint on pumpkins, acrylic paint, and various craft paints. I’ve even used nail polish!

Bronze Paint Kit Projects

Looking for another use for the bronze paint kit? I painted my IKEA helmer with the paint kit to make it look old.

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painted metallic pumpkins
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