The Best Reproduction Vintage Christmas Decor

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There is so much amazing reproduction vintage decor available! Although I have access to tons of vintage Christmas decor at Sweet Clover, the reproduction stuff still has me swooning. 

vintage christmas decor

Amazing Vintage Christmas Decor Reproductions

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Ceramic Elves

I’m such a sucker for cute vintage elves. Not the creepy Elf on the Shelf ones. The cute vintage ones.

Reindeer Mugs

It’s hard to find vintage mugs like these in usable shape, so reproduction is the way to go! I bought 2 of these guys for myself, plus an elf boy and girl for the kids. They are adorable and I’m looking forward to drinking Christmas lattes in them.

Ceramic Christmas Tree

These ceramic Christmas trees remind me of my grandma, in the best way possible. We always spent Christmas day at Granny’s house, stuffing ourselves with the buffet of food. These are memories that I treasure, so I plan on buying myself one of these trees to remind myself of those days with her.

Vintage Deer

There’s just something about vintage deer. I live in a wooded area and the deer family never fail to make my day. They’re just so cute! I love watching the babies on their wobbly little legs.

Shiny Bright Ornaments

Vintage ornaments are gorgeous, but they are so fragile! It feels awful to break an expensive, vintage ornament. These reproduction ornaments are just as cute as the originals.

Bubble Lights

I love these bubble lights! Aren’t they fun?

Bottle Brush Trees

Bottle brush trees are so much fun! I love creating a mini forest on a mantle.

Putz Houses (and Churches)

Mini houses (and churches) are just so cute! Especially in a mini bottle brush tree forest!

Retro Wreath

This wreath is so cute! I love those little snowman faces!


Tinsel Tree

There’s never enough tinsel in my mind, so I love tinsel trees. Plenty of room for cute ornaments!


What are your favorite vintage Christmas decor products?

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