DIY Decoupage Wood Ornaments for Christmas

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Learn how to make these decoupage wood ornaments.

These decoupage ornaments are so easy to make. They’re so easy to customize to your style or even to give as gifts.

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decoupage ornamnents collage

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Decoupage Wood Ornaments

Supplies Needed

Paper for Decoupage Ornaments

I used old Little Golden Books for my ornaments because I love the illustrations.

You can find them for a dollar or two in thrift stores. Look for ones with cute illustrations that speak to you.

I also used map wrapping paper. It was a bit thicker and needed more glue.

The other paper I used was from an old book of prose. If you hate the thought of destroying books, you can make copies of the images instead.

Make sure that you use a laser printer or get them printed at a copy shop so that the ink doesn’t run.

Other ideas for papers to use:

Prep Work for the Decoupage Ornaments

  1. Create a template on scratch paper by tracing the wooden ornament blank and cutting it out.making template for ornaments
  2. Trace the template onto images you want, trying to place the shape in a good place to capture the image you like. Be sure to pick 2 images (one for each side.)using Little Golden books to make ornaments
  3. Dry fit the image on the wooden blank and cut away any excess bits of paper. (Your edges don’t have to be exact because the glitter will cover the mistakes.)cut out paper for DIY ornaments
  4. Use a hole punch to cut a hole for the string. using a hole punch for decoupaged ornaments
  5. Once your images are cut out, pick out coordinating paint colors for the edges. painting edges of wood ornament blue
  6. Paint the edges, including the hole for the string.
  7. Let it dry and paint the other side.

Decoupaging the Paper

  1. After the paint has dried, apply a thin layer of decoupage glue to the wooden ornament. (Thicker papers need extra glue.)applying decoupage glue to ornaments
  2. Attach the image, smoothing the image as you work.sealing paper with decoupage glue
  3. Apply extra glue under the edges if needed.
  4. Apply a thin layer of glue to the top (while the bottom layer is still wet.)
  5. Let it dry and repeat the steps for the back.

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Applying Glitter to the Edges of the Ornament

Look, I get it. Glitter is the worst. But glitter paint allows you to have shiny goodness without the mess. It’s kind of life-changing…

  1. Use a small round craft paint brush to apply glitter paint to the edges. painting glitter glue on edges of ornament
  2. When using glitter paint, you really want to glob it on for full coverage. Be super generous.
  3. If your edges are wobbly, you can use a brush to straighten the edges a bit.
  4. Don’t forget the hole for the string!edges of ornament painted with blue glitter paint
finished wood ornaments and bakers twine

Attaching the String to the Ornament

I use simple baker’s twine to tie a loop for my ornaments. I love the graphic quality of the black and white string.

wood ornaments decoupaged with vintage paper

You can use twine for a rustic look or even ribbon.

wood ornament decoupaged with vintage illustration of puppy
decoupage map ornament
decoupage book page ornament
decoupage ornaments in vintage tinsel tree

DIY Christmas Decorations

Easy to make Christmas decorations for your home.

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