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How to Make a Boho DIY Wreath with Agate Slices

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Learn how to make a boho DIY wreath with agate slices. I love unusual wreaths, like my mushroom wreath!

This might be my favorite project that I’ve ever made. I love the look of agate slices (I’ve been dying to make these lamp finials!) This wreath is a bit delicate and definitely for indoor use only. Place it on a window to let the light stream through the agate!

agate slice wreath

How to Make a Boho DIY Wreath with Agate Slices

Supplies Needed

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  1. Spray the wreath form gold with spray paint and let it dry. agate slices and wreath form
  2. Lay out the agate slices on the wreath form to figure out where you want each one placed. I tried to vary the color pattern.agate slices on wreath form
  3. Start wiring each agate slice. The pack I bought came predrilled in one spot. Place wire through the hole and twist the wire to secure it.wire each agate slice
  4. Attach each agate slice to the wreath form using the wire. Some will hang funny because of gravity. We’ll fix that in the next step.agate slice wired to wreath
  5. Cut longer lengths of wire to place around the middle or bottom parts of each agate slice and secure it to the wreath form. Use pliers to get the wire tight.add more wire to each agate slice
  6. Flip the wreath over and tighten the wire. Use the wreath form to secure the wire in several places if necessary. Some agate slices need more help than others.agate slices on diy christmas wreath
  7. Hold the wreath upright to see which agate slices still need help and tighten the wires as needed.
  8. Hang your DIY Christmas wreath and enjoy it.agate diy christmas wreath

pretty agate boho wreath

I love how my agate wreath looks with light streaming through it. The colors look so much brighter and almost rainbow like.

agate wreath on window

Isn’t it pretty?

diy christmas wreath

diy agate wreath

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agate slice wreath

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