How to Organize Tools in a Workshop or Garage

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Learn how to organize tools in a workshop. My workshop has to be a hardworking space because I build and paint a lot of furniture, like this easy to build daybed or this decoupaged dresser.

Organizing the stuff is very important when setting up a workshop that functions, as well as looks good. A pretty room means nothing if it doesn’t function well. Today, I’m sharing how to organize tools in a workshop or garage.


Organizing tips for a garage

I’m joining Linda at Calling It Home as a guest participant. We have 7 weeks to redo a room. I’m redoing my garage and it’s almost done.

Week 1: Design Plans

Week 2: Staining Old Concrete

Week 3: Build a Sturdy Pegboard

Bonus tutorial: How to Paint Wood Grain

Week 4: Scrap Wood Wall

Week 5:Adding More Outlets to Your Garage

Week 6: Reveal

How to Organize Tools in a Workshop

  • Start with a blank slate. Since we had to remove everything to stain the floor, it was the perfect opportunity to go through our stuff. We have only brought back the items that we actually want. Some stuff had been in there so long that we stopped even seeing it.Bare garage
  • Identify your problem areas. We tend to stack stuff in the middle of the garage, so to combat this, we placed shelves there instead. Since it was typically wood that we sat there, we found a new home for it.Garage shelves
  • What work zones do you need? My husband and I tend to work in the garage at the same time, but typically it’s on our own projects. Since we know that working separately is our preferred method of working, we gave ourselves separate work zones in the garage.
  • Group like with like. We sorted our stuff into bins for projects. All tiling supplies are together, all electrical stuff is together, etc. I’ve made labels and still need to attach them. Garage work tables and containers
  • Make a spot for lists. We constantly make to-do lists and shopping lists. Making a dedicated chalkboard area has boosted our productivity.Chalkboard
  • Make good use of wall space. All of our large shovels and tools can now be easily found. tool rack
  • Consider portable storage. We do work all over the house, not just in the garage, so portable storage for tools is very important. We bought a used rolling tool box and spray-painted it to match. A rolling table is also handy. For inside work, we have a smaller toolbox to bring inside. Garage storage
  • Keep often used tools easily accessible. We use our drills constantly, so it makes no sense to store them in their cases. However, my pneumatic stapler is only used occasionally, so it is kept in it’s case. A pegboard makes is a great way to organize tools in a workshop. pegboard
  • Go for heavy duty. It was harder than I though to find an organizer for nails and screw that would actually hold up. Nails and screws are heavy! This thing weighs like 50 pounds.Nail storage

It’s funny how much more productive we feel in our organized garage now!

My Favorite Workshop Organizing Items

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Best Garage Organizing Products

These are my favorite tools for organizing a garage.

In other news, our garage doors were installed and we are in love.

garage door

Want to see the finished, organized garage?

Click here!

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Garage organization

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  1. Please come to my house and work your organizing magic! Your tips are so spot on and help break an overwhelming task into manageable pieces. Great job, Emy! Looking forward to seeing more. ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. Thank you for all the great garage organization tips. For some reason the garage is the most challenged space in our home. Every time we get it cleaned up…along comes another project, etc. So much happens in that space that we just can’t keep up.

  3. I love your new garage door Emy!!!! And your organizing tips are great. My hubby has all of the rakes and brooms etc. hung just like that in our garage. I am excited to see the full reveal!!

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