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Budget Friendly Office Makeover Reveal

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After five long weeks, it’s time to share my office makeover! There have been times during this challenge that I didn’t think it would get done. But I pulled through and got it mostly all done. It’s looking pretty lovely now!

Check out this budget friendly office makeover. #officedecor

Twice a year, Erin from Lemons, Lavender and Laundry hosts a $100 challenge. We have one month to complete a room makeover on a $100 budget using mostly what we already have on hand. It’s a good challenge to use things that you’ve been hoarding. πŸ˜‰ This month, we got lucky that January has 5 Wednesdays, so it felt like a longer time to complete the challenge.

I started with a messy office space and big plans.


Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4

Today, my room is complete and feels very “me.”

Office Makeover Reveal

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Check out this budget friendly office makeover. #officedecor

Clean desks for dayyyyyyssssss!

It’s so funny how inspired I feel to create now! Besides massive decluttering, I did some painting.

Check out this budget friendly office makeover. #officedecor

This cabinet was a boring white piece from IKEA. Now, it’s a masterpiece. (Tutorial)

Modern Masters Bronze Paint | IKEA Helmer Cabinet

Check out this budget friendly office makeover. #officedecor

My dresser got brightened with a coat of blush pink paint left over from my daughter’s room. The armoire that was here was moved to the garage where it’s awaiting a makeover to serve as a display cabinet in my shop.

The IKEA shelves were bought long ago with intentions to hang them in my kitchen. Plans changed and they were left without a purpose. So now, they can serve to display pretty stuff.

The right length of curtains were also hung.

Check out this budget friendly office makeover. #officedecor

My chairs were slipcovered with dropcloths. If you come over, don’t look at them too closely. I am NOT an expert slipcover maker, but it made these once ugly chairs bearable until I find something to replace them with.

Drop Cloths

Check out this budget friendly office makeover. #officedecor

I used a galvanized bucket to contain all of my paper that I use for lining drawers.

Check out this budget friendly office makeover. #officedecor

My vintage filing cabinet got a paint job. (To be honest, the insides still need work before they are usable, but it looks pretty good on the outside.)

Metallic Teal Paint

Check out this budget friendly office makeover. #officedecor

I added a chandelier over my art desk. This room lacks an overhead light and I often feel inspired to work at night. I need all the light I can get so I wanted a pretty one. This was a find from the Restore that I redid. (Tutorial coming soon.)

Check out this budget friendly office makeover. #officedecor

I added crystals (hot glued on because who can be bothered with the mess a dremel would make?)

Chandelier crystals | Chandelier Bead Chain

Check out this budget friendly office makeover. #officedecor

I’m really happy to bring in a bit of pink to this room. My hallway has a pink runner, so it ties the rooms together with the lamp and dresser.

Check out this budget friendly office makeover. #officedecor

I’m loving my clean desk. It might be the best part of my office makeover. πŸ™‚

Check out this budget friendly office makeover. #officedecor

I even tamed the wire problem. A simple hook and look cable tie corrals the wires out of sight.

Hook and Loop Cable Ties

Check out this budget friendly office makeover. #officedecor

I had my husband build me a little rolling cart for the filing cabinet. This thing weighs a ton and I hated the idea of it being stuck wherever I placed it. Today, I had to move it over an inch and I was able to do it by myself. πŸ™‚

Check out this budget friendly office makeover. #officedecor

My shelf was also reorganized, which mainly consisted of me throwing stuff away. It’s nice to know where everything is now. I’m so happy with my office makeover.

I did not end up finding my filing cabinet hardware, so that’s still on my to-do list. And it could probably use even more organizing. I didn’t even touch the bookcase…

$100 Budget:

Modern Masters Primer $7

Modern Masters Bronze Paint $10

Modern Masters Blue Patina $6

Vintage chandelier $15

Chandelier crystals $17

Chandelier cord $6

Modern Masters Teal $12

Drop cloth $20

Bleach $3

Light bulbs $3

Total Spent: $99

Remaining: $1


Let’s check out those finished rooms!!


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  1. Your space is gorgeous. I bet you want to spend all your time there. So much light and the colors are bright and energizing. I especially love your unique spin combining vintage and new pieces together. Great makeover!!

  2. Oh, Emy! It’s so beautiful! I love love love your pink fringe lamp and am so happy to see it brighten that corner. What a beautifully organized space. You did a great job! I could use a million exclamation points – MILLIONS!!

  3. I love this Emy! I love the pops of pink with the aqua! And I’m super impressed with how you organized everything in this space. I think my favorite part is all of the different furniture transformations you did here-love it!

  4. Emy, this is amazing! I just want to come over and craft!! All your makeovers are so pretty and I love that chandelier you made! The blue paint is so bright and fun – you really did a fantastic job on this room and I bet you are loving it!

  5. Emy, what an amazing space! I love all of your furniture make-overs – it just pulled everything together. I can completely see why you’re feeling so inspired working in there. Fabulous job!

  6. I hope to have an office/creative space that looks as amazing as this one day!! I just love your vintage cabinet, the chandelier, and your drop cloth slipcovers sure look amazing to me!

  7. It looks great, Emy! I would LOVE to work in here! Everything is so happy and pretty! I love your bright colors and your organized work spaces! (And that chandelier! It’s incredible!!!)

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