How to Coordinate Rugs in an Open Floor Plan

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Learn how to coordinate rugs in an open floor plan. 

My dining room is open to my living room/office, kitchen, and entryway. All of those rooms have crazy-colored rugs. There were a lot of factors to consider when choosing rugs that coordinate for those spaces.

Today, I’m sharing how I chose a rug to coordinate with my other crazy rugs. 

How to coordinate rugs

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This is the rug I chose for my dining room. It’s sold out now, but here’s a similar rug.

Blue rug

How to Coordinate Rugs in Adjoining Rooms

Whether your house is open-concept or you just want to know how to pick rugs for adjoining rooms, it takes a little bit of planning to have a cohesive look.

My personal preference is bold, colorful rugs.

I love how well they hide dirt (I have a labrador who sheds like crazy and 2 kids, plus I live in the country surrounded by mud apparently.)

These rugs are inexpensive, so if they get ruined, I won’t be out of tons of money. And they make me happy.

Coordinating rugs doesn’t have to be hard.

Use some of these guidelines to get you started.

Keep in mind that decorating “rules” are not set in stone. Breaking them is part of the fun.

Mix, Don’t Match

I’m not a fan of anything matching. Matching rugs* would look as bad as a 3 piece living room suite from a discount furniture store.

It would be pretty boring if all of my rugs were the same. In my home, I even have mismatched stair runners (due to a shipping error) and I love them!

*If you choose neutral rugs, matching looks fine. For instance, sisal rugs look great together. Consider layering some smaller rugs on top for added interest.

Choose Similar Colors

Every rug in my house is tied together through color. They almost all have teal or pink in them, which helps to create a cohesive look.

Coordinating rugs

Choose A Similar Vibrancy

Lookalike rugs

Bright colors unite all of my rugs.

This aqua-colored rug looks in my living room is one of my favorites.

Bold colors look intentional together. A gray rug would look like a mistake.

Choose Similar Pattern Motifs

All of these rugs are vintage-style rugs.

If geometric is your thing, buy geometric rugs. If you love abstract rugs, choose all abstract rugs.

Hallway rug

Can you break a few of these “rules”? Of course, you can! Buy what you love. It’s your home!

Chose Similar Textures

Rugs that have the same texture look amazing together. A few examples are wool rugs, flat weave rugs, and sisal rugs.

Tips for Finding Good Deals on Rugs

  • Shop on holidays. Most stores offer discounts on any holiday weekend. Black Friday is a great day to get amazing discounts. But any bank holidays are great too. Stores love a reason to hold a sale.
  • Shop around. Sometimes you can find the exact rug at more than one place at different prices. For instance, the rug I have in my hallway can be found at Amazon, Overstock, and RugsUSA. (They are normally named differently at each shop, so search for the color and style of the rug to find it .)
  • Check your local Home Goods or TJ Maxx stores. They often have amazing deals on rugs.
  • Sign up for email lists for your favorite stores to be notified when they’re having a sale.

Be sure to check out the finished dining room reveal.

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  1. Great tips!! You’ve made rug co-ordination so easy. And I LOVE seeing all of your vibrant rugs. Love the colors you’ve used. Looking so forward to seeing more. ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. This was so helpful. Coordinating rugs in an open concept space can be really difficult. I love your use of color! The rugs all look great together.

  3. I’m head over hills for these vibrant colors. Just recently I wrote an article about the eclectic rugs and a bold colors rugs are exactly what I had in mind. These carpets are definitely commanding attention and are the focal point of any space. And of course, there is that inevitable stunning vintage spark. I invite you to also check our colorful Sukhi rugs. Something tells me you would like them. 😉 Thank you for the great tips!

  4. This is a really helpful blog post! So many people buy rugs without really considering the size, color, or how it matches with other decor. I bought a rug a few years ago and wish I would have done more research before purchasing it. It’s a fluffy dark gray rug that is so cozy, but it’s a little too big for our living room and it collects dog hair like a magnet! I have to get it cleaned twice a year by a professional just to keep it free from pet hair and stains. The next time I buy a rug, it will definitely be a more thoughtful decision!

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