Amazing Amazon Armchairs that Won’t Break the Bank

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Looking to update your living room? Here are some of my favorite Amazon armchairs that are affordable.

amazon armchairs

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I’m in the process of giving my living room a small makeover and it has come to my attention that I need new armchairs. So I turned to the internet!

I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to buy furniture from the internet, but it can be so intimidating. A lot of websites don’t even have reviews! I want to know how comfy a chair is before I purchase it.

So I turned to Amazon for armchairs because, in addition to free shipping, they also have really helpful reviews.

Tips for Buying Furniture Online

  • Amazon has several furniture companies that provide helpful information, like a comfort level scale.
  • When buying upholstered chairs online, be sure to read the reviews. Look at good reviews and bad reviews to get a good idea of the quality of the furniture. A lot of times the bad reviews are about things that just don’t matter or even apply to the product.
  • Be sure to look at sizing and get out the measuring tape if you’re uncertain. Also, make sure that you’re not accidentally buying doll furniture. It happens.
  • If it’s really cheap, it’s not going to be the comfiest chair. And it probably won’t last very long. Cheap is relative, but so I mean anything under $500. Does it really save you money if you need to replace it in 3 years?
  • Most places will let you return stuff, but the process isn’t always easy. Amazon’s return policy is pretty good, but it’s still pretty hard to get furniture shipped back.

Affordable Modern Armchairs from Amazon

Here are some of my favorite modern options for affordable armchairs from Amazon.

Neutral Armchairs

Neutral armchairs go well in any decor. They can look amazing in a neutral room, or as an accent in a colorful room. I like to pair neutral armchairs with a colorful sofa.

Colorful Armchairs

Colorful armchairs are a fun way to add a pop of color to a room. Most of these chairs are available in other colors.

Patterned Armchairs

Patterned armchairs are another way to add interest to a room.

Here’s the armchair I chose:

Modway Empress Mid Century Modern Armchair

I LOVE these chairs. Assembly was light; I only needed to install the chair legs. The color is so perfect.

Update: After almost 4 years, I still love these chairs. They are admittedly not the comfiest, but they work for what I need them for.

snowflake pillow and plaid throw on teal chair

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