DIY Key Holder from Cutting Board

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Learn how to make a DIY key holder from an upcycled cutting board.  

One of the worst areas in our house is the entryway. Besides being the room where everything gets thrown, it doesn’t function well as an entryway. I’m working on improving it bit by bit. Making a DIY key holder is one of the easier projects, so far. No more searching for keys!

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diy key holder

Cutting Board Before

Cutting boards can be found at thrift stores for just a few dollars. I seem to have a knack for finding ones shaped like pigs (this is my 3rd one!) He’s adorable, but also way too small to actually work as a cutting board. So I turned him into a key holder using a hook that I already had. 

diy key holder supplies

This might be the easiest DIY project that I’ve ever done!

DIY Key Holder from Cutting Board

Supplies Needed

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  1. Measure your cutting board to find the center and mark a spot on the back.find center of cutting board
  2. Drill a pilot hole for your D-ring on the back of your cutting board. I don’t always drill pilot holes, but it was necessary because the wood was so hard. drill pilot hole for d ring on back
  3. Place the D-ring onto the cutting board and attach it with a screw.attach d-ring with screw
  4. Flip the cutting board over and find the center. Make a mark. 
  5. Place the hook in place and mark where the holes are. place hook on front of pig cutting board
  6. Drill a pilot hole for each hook. 
  7. Attach the hook with the screws. pig cutting board with hook to make diy key holder
  8. Hang your DIY key holder and key holder from pig cutting board

This little piggy went all the way home!

diy key holder from pig cutting board


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  1. This is adorable! I always pick up cutting boards from the thrift store but have never seen one so cute. Pigs are one of my favourite animals too, theyr’e just so cute!!

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