Easy to Make Decoupage Napkin Ornament

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These DIY decoupage napkin ornaments are so easy to make! These patterned ornaments have a glitter edge to add sparkle for the holidays. These fun ornaments make it easy to match your holiday decor to your home style.

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ornaments made with patterned paper napkins

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After making these fun decoupage coasters, I knew I needed to make ornaments, too!

Paper napkins come in the best patterns and make the cutest ornaments. It’s so easy to find patterns that match your Christmas decor. I even made some cute beachy-themed ornaments.

patterned napkin ornaments on black background

DIY Decoupage Napkin Ornaments

Supplies Needed:

*Ornament blanks come in a variety of shapes. I used these round ones and tried a Christmas tree shape. For this project, the round ones were much easier to work with.

**Paper napkins come in a variety of patterns and colors. I have a post on some of my favorite paper napkins here, but I love the Christmas light pattern that I used.

  1. This process is a bit messy, so protect your workspace. I like to use a sheet of freezer paper.
  2. Paint the ornaments white. You might be tempted to skip this step, but it’s pretty important. When you apply glue to the paper napkins, they become transparent, and you will see the color of the wood behind the napkins. Painting them white provides a white background for the patterns.ornaments painted white
  3. Separate the napkin layers. For this project, remove as many white layers as possible. Some napkins only have two layers, but some have 3 or 4. Thinner layers are easier to work with. separating napkin layers
  4. Cut a piece of napkin a little larger than the ornament.
  5. Apply decoupage glue to the ornament. decoupage glue on ornament
  6. Place the napkin piece onto the ornament and smooth it out with your finger. applying bamboo napkin to ornament
  7. Let it dry.
  8. When it’s dry, use a piece of sandpaper or an exacto knife to remove the excess napkin. Scrape the edges to remove the extra paper gently. using exacto knife to remove excess paper from ornament
  9. Apply a layer of decoupage glue to seal the paper. sealing ornament with decoupage glue
  10. Then repeat for the other side.
  11. Apply a layer of decoupage glue to the top of the paper to seal it.
  12. Let it dry.
  13. Use the exacto knife to poke holes through the paper to hang. (Hold it to the light if you can’t see them anymore.)poking hole in ornament with knife

Finishing the Ornament Edges

I used glitter for most of the ornaments, but I used a gold paint pen for one. Both ideas are cute. The pen was easier, but it’s a bit stinky since it’s oil-based.

  1. Fold a sheet of printer paper in half. This will be used to catch the extra glitter to pour back into the containers.
  2. Apply glue to the edges of the ornament. You can cover just the outer edges or do a smaller layer on the front of each side, too. applying glue to ornament edges
  3. Sprinkle glitter over the glue. applying glitter on ornament
  4. When the area is fully covered, place the ornament on a small cup to elevate it from the table. This keeps it from sticking to the surface as it dries. ornaments drying on cups
  5. Use the folded paper to pour the glitter back into the jar. blue glitter on paper
  6. Add a ribbon to the hole for hanging. decoupage napkin ornaments

Alternatively, you can use a gold paint pen to the edges.

adding gold to edge or ornament with paint pen

ornaments with christmas lights napkin decoupage
beachy decoupaged ornaments with shells
ornament with Christmas light napkin design

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You can use any pattern to match your decor! I love these beachy ornaments!

ornaments with decoupaged napkins

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