Easy to Make DIY Pampas Grass Wreath

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Decorate for fall with this easy DIY pampas grass wreath. This neutral wreath is a beautiful addition to your fall decor, no matter your style. Best of all, it’s really easy to make.

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Pampas grass wreath and vase of billy buttons

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I live in Florida, so decorating for fall is a bit different. It’s still 90ยบ here and will be for months.

Fall in Florida is a bit more subtle. The green tropical environment starts turning a little more muted. And pampas grass is everywhere.

I love the look of pampas grass. It’s neutral but graphic. Pampas grass has a natural texture that is perfect with most decor styles. Best of all, it’s not orange, but it still hints at fall.

DIY Pampas Grass Wreath

Supplies Needed:

pampas grass stems and grapevine wreaths

*I linked to faux pampas grass because it’s much nicer to work with than real dried pampas grass. Real pampas grass sheds every time you look at it. Do yourself a favor and buy the fake kind.

**These grapevine wreaths came tied together so they were more oval-shaped when I unwrapped them. They can be reshaped by soaking them in water, but I decided to go with the oval shape.

  1. Place the pampas grass on the wreath to figure out the layout. pampas grass and grapevine wreath
  2. Remove all of the grass stems except for one.
  3. If possible, stick the stem into the wreath. pampas grass stem in grapevine wreath
  4. Cut pieces of wire and secure the stem to the wreath in several places. wired stems on grapevine wreaths
  5. Add another pampas grass stem in the same manner.
  6. Keep going until the wreath is covered. pampas grass wreath
  7. Use more wire to secure any overly floppy pieces.
  8. If necessary, secure the stems with hot glue.
  9. Add a bow if you want. It can hide any wonky areas.
pampas grass wreath, vase of billy buttons and candle lamp

The pampas grass will be a bit floppy. Embrace the organic texture.

pampas grass wreath, wicker pumpkin and candle lamp on table

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collage of grapevine wreath and pampas grass and a pampas grass wreath

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