Fun Ways to Fill Clear Christmas Ornaments

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Get easy ideas for ways to fill clear Christmas ornaments. You will love how easy these DIY ornaments are to assemble!

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collage of clear ornaments filled with things

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I love using clear ornaments for making my own Christmas decor because they are so versatile.

Filling them with items is so easy and way less messy than dealing with paint, alcohol ink, or glitter!

All About Clear Christmas Ornaments

When choosing clear Christmas ornaments, you have several options to consider.

If you’re looking for more information on clear ornaments, check out this post.

Plastic VS Glass

Clear glass ornaments are available in glass and plastic versions. Glass is more clear, but is breakable.

Choose what is right for your house. If you have small kids and pets, plastic is going to be the better choice.


If you buy ornaments online, sizing can be so confusing.

The standard ornament size is 100mm or 3 inches. There are also tiny and large sizes available.

The large ornaments are better for larger items.

sizes for glass ornaments
The 2nd one is standard size.

Balls Vs 2-Piece Ornaments

If you buy online, you also have the option of using standard Christmas balls or the 2-piece kind that snaps together. These are useful when using larger items.


Clear Christmas ornaments also come in fun shapes. I love this teardrop ornament shape!

The star shape is also fun.

13 Ways to Fill Clear Christmas Ornaments

Using a funnel is the easiest way to fill clear ornaments. Just make sure that the tip of the funnel fits into the hole in the bulb and that the items can fit through it.

If you don’t have a tiny funnel, you can use scrap paper!

using paper as a funnel for glass ornament

To remove the top of the ornament, pull the hanger a bit and squeeze the wires as they come out.

removing hanger from glass ornament


You can either use store-bought confetti or you can make your own with colored paper and a hole punch.

ornament filled with paper confetti
ornament filled with star confetti

Jingle Bells

Jingle bells are a fun thing to put in ornaments. They even come in fun colors.

clear ornament filled with jingle bells

Tiny Buttons

These tiny buttons are so cute. Perfect for someone who loves to sew! Or just love tiny, cute things.

ornament filled with tiny buttons


I love how this seashell ornament turned out. I found these seashells in the bead section of the craft store. The ones in the fake plant section were way more expensive.

seashell filled ornament


Cut a bit of tinsel and stick it inside a glass ball. It’s so simple, but I love the bit of shine that it adds to the tree.

tinsel filled ornament


Ribbon looks so pretty inside an ornament. Look for velvet or grosgrain ribbon with a pretty texture.

clear glass ornament with pink velvet ribbon

Gift Wrap Ribbon

Add curls of gift wrap ribbon to the ornament. Gift wrap ribbon is cheap and comes in so many colors.

ornament filled with blue curling ribbon


Use a funnel to add beads to the ornament. Beads come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. I used colorful seed beads for my ornament.

ornament filled with colorful seed beads


Tiny pom-poms are the cutest! They come in a variety of colors.

ornament filled with green pom poms

Fake Snowballs

Similar to tiny pom-poms, fake snowballs are adorable. Look for them with the miniature Christmas stuff in the craft store.

ornament filled with white fake snowballs

Fake Plants

Using fake plants might be my favorite option! I added a fake air plant to this 2-piece teardrop ornament. Just place the fake plant inside and snap shut.

teardrop ornament filled with fake air plant on wood slab backdrop

These are so pretty, I can see them being used year-round.

The link that I provided is for a set of small fake plants that are mostly succulents but includes 1 air plant.

Make sure that the fake plants that you buy are small enough to fit in your ornaments.

Dried Flowers

I found these tiny dried flowers with the resin supplies at my local craft store. Use a gentle touch when handling these and placing them inside the ornament.

ornament filled with dried purple flowers


I love the look of colorful sequins in this ornament. So fun!

ornament filled with colorful sequins

Other Ideas

Hanging the Ornaments

After making such beautiful ornaments, it seems a shame to use boring wire hooks.

Instead, I like using baker’s twine or ribbon.

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collage of clear ornaments filled with items

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