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Tips for Planning an Office Makeover

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Get easy tips for planning an office makeover. Find out what to consider before making a plan to decorate your home office.

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green boho office mood board

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We recently started a really fun project. It’s our first big project in our Florida house, so it’s even more special.

Although we’re mostly unpacked and settled in, we’re still experiencing growing pains from the move. There are a lot of things that we had figured out in our last home that we’re struggling with here.

I’m really missing my basement office/craft room set up. I currently have my office set up in the front living room. It’s large and bright, but it’s also in the middle of the most used part of the home.

My husband works from home and my kids are homeschooled, so it’s not a very quiet area. I mean, I love having them home, but also, I need a space where I can work in quiet.

So I decided to take over what we lovingly call “the pink room.” This room is at the back of our house and we assumed it had been a laundry room at one time.

pink room with cabinets and blue countertop
office BEFORE

We used it for storage until a few days ago. Don’t want to unpack that box? Put it in the pink room. Not sure where to put those pool floaties? Pink room!

It’s a small room, but it has a lot of potential.

We recently removed all of the cabinets and the countertop to give us a blank slate.

I’ve done a few repairs and painted the room so far.

My craft area will stay in the front room of the house and I will be sharing a really fun project for that space soon.

Psst: I just finished this room. Check out my moody boho office here.

Tips for Planning an Office Makeover

Your home office should be an inspirational room to work in. Here are my tips for getting started with your plan.

Decide What You Need

Before you get started, make a list of what your office needs.

Here are some things to think about:

  • What needs to be in the room? For an office, you will need a desk and chair, but you might also need room for things like printers or a Cricut. Do you have a ton of books that you want to bring in? Are there things that aren’t office related that need to be stored in this space?
  • Dark or light? Darker colors can be more soothing to look at, but may feel dreary in some environments.
  • What is missing from your current set up? Is your desk too small? Does the glare from the window bother your eyes? Wish you had more privacy?
  • Determine your style. Do you like clean, minimal design or a more colorful, boho look?
  • Think about how you’ll use the space. If you’re the kind of person who prefers to use a laptop on the sofa, plan for that. If you need space for crafting, add that in. Make your space work for YOU.

Plan for Plenty of Storage

Offices require so much stuff. Personally, I love desks that have drawers to hold stuff like pens and tape.

If you deal with a lot of paper, you will need a filing cabinet of some sort. You might also want a bookcase.

Do you like open or closed storage? Some people prefer to look at everything and find it inspiring? Others prefer a cleaner environment and everything behind closed doors.

Comfy Seating is a Must

If you’re anything like me, you sit for an embarrassingly long time. Save your back with comfy seating.

Make sure that it doesn’t cut into your legs when you sit for too long. A lot of dining chairs are guilty of this.

The height of the chair is also important. Make sure that it’s the right height for your desk and for your size. (Taller people are going to be more comfortable with a higher chair.)

If you like sitting with your legs tucked under you, make sure that the chair is large enough for this. (You will also want to avoid desks with center drawers.)

I also prefer a footstool for when I don’t sit with my legs up. It makes sitting a lot more comfortable.

Choose Good Lighting

If your room doesn’t get good natural light or if you work at night, make sure that your room is adequately lit.

For small spaces, overhead lighting might do the trick. For a cozier feel, sconces will probably work better.

Ironically, most desk lights have the worst lighting and are far too bright.

Make Sure that You Have Enough Outlets

Electronics require so many outlets, so make sure that you have enough. If possible, hire an electrician to add more to the space before you get started.

If that’s not possible, add power strips, being careful not to overload them. I like using them for electronics that I don’t use all the time, like my Cricut.

Surround Yourself with Inspiration

Bring some beauty into your space in whatever way that makes you happy. I plan on bringing in fun wallpaper, plants, photos, and vintage art.

A bulletin board is another great way to bring in inspiration. Fill it with inspiring images, paint swatches, fabric samples, or whatever makes you happy.

My Planning Process

When I plan any room makeover, I like to look at what I’m working with, what I want, and what I need.

To simplify this process, I use my printable decorating workbook. It contains everything needed to plan a space.

About the Room

This space is roughly 6.5′ x 8′ with a door that goes to the back patio. I’m looking to make it into a quiet, but inspiring place to write.

Colors and Style

Muted mid-toned green with patterns. I need the color to be easier on my eyes (literally) and calming, so I’m going with a blue-green shade that’s a little darker than I normally go for.

My current office space is at the front of the house, which gets way too much light. I underestimated the Florida sunshine, I guess.

Every morning, my eyes feel like they’re working too hard because it’s so bright, so I’ve researched to find out what colors are the gentlest on your eyes in an office.

I learned that greens and blues are the best colors for an office. Mid-tones to darker colors are the most gentle.

We painted the room in the color Mattasaurus Rex by HGTV for Sherwin Williams.

I also chose this fun wallpaper (it was my starting point.) I love the colors and the pattern. It will provide a nice backdrop for my computer and be visually inspiring.

Likes and Dislikes About the Room

I like that the space is cozy and tucked away at the back of the house. The pocket door is one of my favorite features.

I hate the popcorn ceiling (spoiler alert, I removed it.) And I hated the cabinets, which I also removed to create a blank slate. We removed the fluorescent light.

back door with pink curtain

I hate the back door and want to replace it eventually, but for now, I’ll just repair the holes and paint it.

Needs and Wants

I need to get an electrician in to make the wiring the proper configuration to hold a light. Since we’re not using the sink, I also need to get a plumber in to cap off the sink pipes.

I also need a bit of storage for BBQ tools since the door goes outside to the grill. Obviously, I don’t want to look at them, so it needs to be closed storage.

I want the room to have a long, wall-length desk so that I can spread out instead of being cramped up on a small desk.

Inspiration Starting Point

green paint swatch, wallpaper sample, and wicker elephant head

This wallpaper was my starting point. I’m obsessed.

Mood Board

Here’s my design plan:

office mood board with floral wallpaper and rattan accents

Wallpaper | Bulletin Board | Light | Rug | Drawers for Desk


We’re in the middle of birthday season, so we’re pretty busy. I’m hoping to finish by the end of March 2022.

To-Do List:

  • Patch the floor and baseboards
  • Get a plumber to cap pipes off
  • Get an electrician to fix light
  • Install wallpaper
  • Build other Alex cabinet
  • Install desk
  • Install shelves
  • Figure out and install storage for BBQ tools
  • Repair screw holes and paint door
  • Paint pocket door
  • Blinds?
green room

Here’s how it’s looking right now. I’m so excited to get this space finished!

Shopping List

I still need to buy a ceiling light, desktop, shelving, rug, storage, and blinds.

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mood board for home office with greens, teals, and rattan elements

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