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Colorful Layered Doormats for Summer

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Here are 6 colorful layered doormat options, perfect for summer. Layered doormats are a trendy way to update your porch. Layering the patterns gives a homey look to an outdoor space.

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Maybe I’m a little late to the trend, but I’m loving the look of layered doormats. Cute doormats are the easiest ways to make porches fun. Adding pattern on pattern is a fun way to add personality to a bland space.

As a color lover, I haven’t seen very many options that use a ton of color, so I figured I would make my own.

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Layered Front Door Mats with Color

Collage of colorful layered doormats
  1. Watermelon
  2. Plaid (green is no longer available)
  3. Evil Eye
  4. Yellow Floral
  5. Blue and Aqua Stripes (similar)
  6. Blue Floral
  7. Flowers
  8. Blue Stripes
  9. Retro Floral
  10. Green Trellis
  11. Aqua Home Sweet Home
  12. Red Pattern

How to Layer Doormats

For most doors, a regular-sized doormat works best with a 3×5 outdoor rug. If you need a larger doormat, be sure to choose an outdoor rug that’s larger than your doormat.

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re using outdoor rugs, even in a covered space. Outdoor rugs can hold up to the sun, heat, and dirt better than indoor rugs.

Layered rugs using a buffalo check rug with a floral doormat in front of a yellow front door.
This is what I bought for my front porch. (The floral mat is no longer available.)

Pattern Mixing

The best pattern mixing relies on contrast.

  • Contrasting shapes and motifs. Florals with geometric shapes are my favorite example.
  • Contrasting sizes. Dainty patterns with large-scale patterns always look amazing.
  • Contrasting colors. I love pairing unexpected color combos.
  • Contrasting styles. A traditional style paired with a modern pattern makes a fun mixture.
  • If all else fails, black-and-white patterns look great with pretty much everything.

Colorful Layered Doormats

Mix and match your favorites!

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