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IKEA Bror Hack: Cricut Storage Cart

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This IKEA Bror hack is so easy to do! This simple cart is perfect for a Cricut storage cart and provides plenty of space for the machines to work, plus space for using the mats.

And there’s still space at the bottom to store the mats and vinyl!

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IKEA bror cart used for cutting machines

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When I bought my Cricut Maker, I knew that I had to find a storage solution for my cutting machines and vinyl.

I drew up plans to build my own Cricut storage cart, but then I ran across the Bror utility cart.

The IKEA Bror cart is perfect to use as a Cricut cart.

It’s nice and wide, which allows plenty of space to place the cutting machines. They need space in the front and behind the machines for the mat to go in and out as it cuts.

It’s also countertop height, which means that it’s comfortable to stand at and work.

The wheels allow me to roll it anywhere in the room I want.

The Bror utility cart has some weird shelf levels, though. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to make them more functional.

ikea bror utility cart

IKEA Bror Hack

Eventually, I might spray paint the cart as well. I have all of the supplies, but at the time this was built, the weather was not cooperating.

Supplies Needed:

  1. Assemble the cart as directed, but don’t install the bottom shelf.
  2. Install the middle shelf at the 2nd level.
  3. Let the bottom shelf rest on the place where the legs attach to the casters instead. This places the bottom shelf at a much better height for extra storage!
assembled ikea bror utility cart

Although the bottom shelf is not attached, it is still very sturdy. We had to carry the shelf into a different room and it doesn’t wiggle at all.

Hacking the Wood Top

The plywood top could be stained or painted. My wood had some weird spots, so I decided to cover it with marble contact paper instead.

Contact paper provides a smooth surface that is easier to clean. (The raw wood collected dust that was really hard to clean.)

wood top on ikea bror cart

The marble contact paper is pretty convincing. My husband was shocked at how nice it looked.

The top comes attached to the frame, so it has to be removed.

  1. Remove the top from the cart using a screwdriver.
  2. Cut your contact paper to length. It needs to be long enough to wrap around the wood.
  3. The cart is a few inches deeper than the width of contact paper, so you will need to cut another piece that is about 8″ wide. applying marble contact paper to wood top
  4. Attach the small piece of contact paper first, smoothing as you go. If you mess up, peel it off and start over.
  5. Wrap the contact paper around the edges, cutting at the corners to fit. contact paper wrapped around wood
  6. Cut out any areas that cover the screw holes. Press the edges smooth to make sure they adhere well.
  7. Attach the large piece next. Overlap the smaller piece.
  8. Trim the corners again and trim around the screw holes. Smooth the edges.
  9. Reattach the wood to the cart. contact paper applied to wood top
  10. Place the seam of the paper at the back of the cart. It will soon be covered in craft stuff, so you won’t notice it. marble contact paper top on metal cart
ikea bror hack with faux marble top

Tips for Working with Contact Paper

  • Apply slowly, smoothing the paper as you go.
  • If you mess up, contact paper can be removed and repositioned.
  • Bubbles can be removed in two ways. Large bubbles can be smoothed toward the edges. Small bubbles can be removed by poking a small hole in the middle and smoothing it out.

Using the Bror as a Cricut Storage Cart

I’m loving using this cart for Cricut craft storage. There’s so much space to work!

cricut storage cart
Sneak peek of my craft room!

The top shelf holds my Cricut Maker and has room to store my Easy Press.

The next shelf holds my Silhouette and has space to put my paper cutter beside it. A cute basket holds all the cords necessary.

silhouette on cart

The bottom shelf has room for baskets. One basket has vinyl and the other holds all of my mats and other products.

baskets with vinyl and cutting machine mats

Get more craft room organization tips.

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IKEA Bror hack for craft storage

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  1. Do you think the middle shelf (the one you screwed in) is tall enough to fit a microwave? Thanks!

      1. Hi there. This was helpful and i love the Bror collection. I have 7 pieces of the collection. Do you have any suggestions for painting the Bror metal frames?

  2. Great idea! What is the distance between the bottom shelf and the middle shelf the way you have it set up? Hoping it’s more than 12”?

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