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Modern Deck Makeover Reveal

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This deck makeover was a lot of work but totally worth it. It features budget-friendly modern railing and a new paint job.

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pin image - gray deck with modern patio furniture

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Deck Makeover Reveal

We had installed traditional deck railing and instantly hated it. The wood never got painted or stained and it ended up warping pretty badly. It was fine, but it wasn’t what we actually wanted.

stained deck before makeover

We started this deck makeover a year ago but postponed in after numerous problems with equipment. Originally, we had planned on stripping and re-staining the deck, but I think it turned out even better now that it’s painted.

We removed the railing and power-washed the deck last year, and we lived with it like that for the summer. Luckily our kids are older, so it was never really a hazard.

wood deck after power washing

This year, my husband was home for 3 months due to the virus, so we had plenty of time to finally finish it.

We started by painting the deck. I chose a light gray color because I was thinking about painting a mural on it. I still might at some point, but I’m still happy with the light gray color.

deck being painted gray

The light color feels so much better on our bare feet. The stained wood used to burn our feet when we walked across it to get in the pool.

Next, we installed modern railing and painted the posts black. Now we can see through the railing into the surrounding forest. The space feels less closed in.

modern deck railing

I also took the time to repaint the French doors going into the sunroom. The doors need to be replaced, but at least they look better now. The light still needs to be replaced.

painted french doors on deck

The deck is our favorite place to hang out in the summer. We typically spend as much time as possible out there. Especially this year, when we’re stuck at home.

deck painted gray with modern black railing and furniture

Currently, we’re in a heatwave, so we’ve been hanging out in the pool in the evenings instead. It’s both amazing and terrifying to be floating in the pool as bats dip down to drink the water.

above ground pool next to deck

This deck makeover was a lot of work, but the results are so enjoyable. It’s one of those projects that I’m so proud of because it turned out exactly as I envisioned it.

pink flowers on deck by chaise lounge

I still want to eventually replace the bar table in the corner with something nicer. For now, it’s a nice place to eat outside in the shade thanks to the umbrella.

stair railing of deck

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pin image - deck makeover with gray paint and black railing

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