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Learn How to Paint a Small Room, the Easy Way!

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Learn how to paint a small room, the easy way! 

Although my dining room isn’t tiny, only the wainscot needed to be painted. I don’t know about you, but I hate dragging out all the stuff for small paint jobs. It seems like overkill. Today, I’m sharing how I avoided the mess to paint my small room. 

The easy way to paint a small room

I’ve been a fan of HANDy paint cup for a while now. Until I found the HANDy paint cup, I used a plastic cup.

It didn’t hold much paint and I was constantly worried that I would accidentally drink from it out of habit. Because when you’re holding a cup, it’s normally something you drink. Luckily that never happened.

Then I discovered the HANDy paint cup! I especially love it for cutting in near the ceiling. It’s small enough to take up a ladder but holds enough paint to get the job done without a million refills.

Best of all, it has a super convenient magnet that holds the paintbrush out of the paint. No overloaded brushes to deal with!

paint brush in handy cup
china cabinet painted white

For my dining room walls, I used the Pro Pail, which I loved. It’s small but efficient.

It would be perfect for painting small rooms like bathrooms or closets! Or even useful for painting furniture, since it’s easy to carry.

Dining Room, Week 2

My goal this week was to get the room painted, which I accomplished. I think I’ve picked out a rug as well. My sale at Sweet Clover is coming up, so this is a really busy week for me. I’m hoping to squeeze in some work this weekend….

teal painted walls in dining room

Between this room and the upcoming sale, my family room is a wreck. We are definitely in the “ugly stage.”

messy family room

How to Paint a Small Room

Supplies Needed

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  1. Prepare your room. Move all the furniture and clean the walls. I like to use a microfiber cloth because it picks up stray dog hairs. Remove all outlet covers. 
  2. Pour your paint into the HANDy Pro Pail.load paint roller in handy pro pail
  3. Load your roller with paint.
  4. Start painting all of the large areas, leaving about 1-2 inches of space around the edges.paint roller in a handy paint pail
  5. Pour paint into the HANDy cup.pour paint into handy cup
  6. Cut in with the paintbrush around the edges.cut in with brush
  7. Let the paint dry and repeat as needed. finished paint in dining room

Tips for Painting Small Rooms

  • You can cut in OR roll first. It doesn’t really matter. I normally cut in first to get the harder part out of the way.
  • Using the right paintbrush makes the biggest difference for cutting in. A short-handled, angled brush works the best.
  • Liners are available for HANDy cup products to make cleanup easier. Even if you don’t use them, the paint peels right off the plastic surfaces. (My kids really love peeling paint.)
  • I like to use ziplock baggies for storing my brushes and rollers between uses. Saran wrap also works, but I think the baggies are so much easier. paint in handy cup
  • It’s okay to paint half the room at a time. For my living room, I had to paint it in stages because there was too much stuff in there.

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Learn how to paint a small room!

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  1. Geez…these products look great! I really need to get one of those goodie boxes. LOL.. But your room is looking good!! So thrilled to follow your progress every week. ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. I also live in a small space, so I know how challenging it can be to paint. This post is quite helpful and covers all the bases. I love that you’re not afraid of color!

  3. Emy I love the HANDy paint products they are so wonderful and the magnetic brush holder is awesome! I have not used the smaller roller bucket yet but I know we will before we are done, LOL lots of painting!!! Your color selection is amazing as always, so bright a vivid I love it!!!

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