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Affordable Tile for Backsplashes

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These affordable tile options are great for backsplashes. Read more about how to install a backsplash.

There are so many affordable tile options on the market to make your beautiful kitchen dreams a reality! All of these options are around $10 a square foot, which won’t break the bank. 

White subway tile is classic and affordable, but let’s think outside the box a little. There are plenty of affordable tile choices besides white subway tile.

affordable tile for backsplashes

How do I choose a tile backsplash?

There are many things to consider when choosing a tile backsplash.

Do you want your tile to be a focal point or just a subtle background?

If you want your tile to be the focal point, choose a fun color or pattern. For a subtle background, consider white, but in a fun shape. 

Care and Maintenance

What kind of maintenance are you willing to do? If you want to be able to wipe it down with water, choose ceramic tiles. If you’re okay with more maintenance, consider concrete or marble tiles. 


If color makes your heart sing, consider a colored backsplash. However, keep in mind that color is easy to add in other places, like kitchen accessories or even painted kitchen cabinets


Consider adding a pattern if you want to add a bold focal point. 

Subtle pattern can come in through fun shaped tile. 

Light in your kitchen

If your kitchen is on the darker side, adding a shiny backsplash can help reflect light. Look for shimmery or glass tile. 

Affordable Tile for Backsplashes

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Affordable Tile for Backsplashes

Find affordable tile for your kitchen backsplash that won't break the bank.

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affordable tile for backsplashes

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