How to Use a Paint Sprayer to Quickly Paint Furniture

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Learn all about how to use a paint sprayer using the HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra sprayer.

I love painting. Nothing makes me happier than having a paintbrush in my hand. I know it’s weird, but I enjoy the process. However, every now and then, there are projects that I don’t enjoy painting. Like spindles. Or wrought iron furniture

After my husband professed his desire for a rocking chair for the patio, I picked one up at a thrift store for him. All of those spindles made it the perfect candidate for my new HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra sprayer. Learn how to use a paint sprayer. Painting all of those spindles was quick and easy with the right tool!

how to use a paint sprayer

My First Project:

rocking chair before

Don’t let the picture fool you. This is not wood, but a lovely almost neon orange with a faux finish over it. There were also varnish bubbles and drips in select spots. After sanding down those spots, it was time to get ready for spraying.

By the way, when you buy a rocking chair, a lot of vintage items and a Scrabble game, the guy at the thrift store will probably make fun of your grandma ways. Haha! He has no idea. 

How to Use a Paint Sprayer

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Supplies Needed

Easy Tips for Using a Paint Sprayer

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How to Use a Paint Sprayer

how to use a paint sprayer

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  1. Looks great! I suppose, if you’re super anal, the bumpy parts could be sanded and sprayed again, right? It’s still faster than brushing by hand, that’s for sure!

    1. Thanks Mary! My husband used the sprayer and he loved it so much. Start with something not precious until you get the hang of it. It’s so easy to use once you figure out the right spray setting. (We also learned not to turn it all the way to the minus sign or it wouldn’t spray at all.) Good luck!

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