How to Paint Wrought Iron Furniture the Easy Way!

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Learn how to paint wrought iron furniture, the easy way!

I bought a wrought iron furniture set over the winter for a steal. It was in horrible shape, but I knew that with a little bit of work, it could be gorgeous.

What I didn’t realize is that I would fall in love with it and end up keeping it for myself instead of selling it! The struggle is real.

Once the weather warmed up a bit, I painted this patio set the easy way! Learn how to paint wrought iron furniture without picking up a single paint brush.

the easy way to paint wrought iron furniture

How to Paint Wrought Iron Patio Furniture


vintage patio table before painting

The wrought iron patio table was lovely but needed a paint job. The paint was a bit scratched up and there were rust spots. I know a lot of people love the shabby look, but this set was looking shabby in a bad way. 

before painting wrought iron furniture

The chairs were in worse shape. Don’t worry; those seats were thrown away! 


painted patio furniture

Supplies Needed 

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I don’t have process pictures, but I can share some tips.

Remove Rust and Loose Paint Chips from Wrought Iron Furniture

Remove any loose paint chips with a stripper brush.

Then seal all the rust spots with rust reformer spray paint. This seals the rust so that it doesn’t bleed through your pretty new paint.

Should You Spray or Brush Wrought Iron Furniture?

I sprayed the table using my Home Right Super Finish Max sprayer. For a more detailed post on how to use the sprayer, click here.

Basically, water down the paint and spray. Then make sure you clean the sprayer well. It’s easier than you think though!! And the coverage is great when you use a sprayer! 

My wrought iron furniture set had a lot of intricate details, so spraying the set made it easy to cover all of those curls and curves in minutes. Seriously, this set was painted in less than 30 minutes.

Painting with a brush is possible, but it’s going to take a lot longer and require more coats of paint.

how to paint wrought iron furniture for a patio

Painted Wrought Iron Furniture FAQ’s

Can you spray paint wrought iron furniture?

Spray paint is another option of course, but I would have needed about 10 cans of paint and I would have had claw hand for days. My sprayer allows me to paint furniture with ease without the dreaded claw hand!

Plus, it allows you to use your favorite color of paint. I used Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black because I was playing it safe to sell this set. But a bright turquoise would have also been fun.

Eventually I might repaint it a fun color (spraying makes it easy enough to do that) and replace the glass top with wood planks.

painted wrought iron furniture with reupholstered seats

Replacing the Seats on a Vintage Patio Furniture Set

Since the seats were disgusting, I used them to trace templates for new plywood seat bases that I cut with a jigsaw.

Then I added foam and reupholstered them with outdoor fabric and a staple gun. The fabric is holding up well so far. Water beads up on the seat when it rains. 

How Long to Let Paint Cure on Furniture?

Since I used latex paint, the wrought iron furniture needed extra time to cure. Just try to avoid scratching it for about a month and you’re good.

Latex paint takes about 30 days to cure, but even spray paint will scratch if it hasn’t had enough time to cure. It it gets a little scratch, touching up the paint with a small paint brush only takes a few seconds.

painting wrought iron furniture
painted vintage patio furniture

This wrought iron patio table set was available for sale for about a month, before I realized how much I loved it. (The legs were still muddy from being at Lucketts spring market. It has rained so much now that the mud is gone and it looks beautiful again!)

Curious to see more patio pictures? 

It fits perfectly on the small patio in our front yard. Vintage furniture comes in the nicest sizes! Who can blame me for keeping this piece?

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  1. Hi there!

    REALLY great article – thank you very much indeed, I’m now looking to follow your steps to the finest detail as wish to recreate this exact look with my own bargain find, so just wondered if possible to share the outdoor fabric retailer please? I love it and feel it absolutely makes it complete!

    Thanks again – LOVE the internet for just this 🙂

  2. Looks really nice !!! I’m John I just got hold of a little wrought iron table and two chairs in excellent condition and your post will help me make it look amazing. Live kind and be well!!

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