Make Your Own Halloween Signs for Fall

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These DIY Halloween signs are so easy to make! If you’re looking for more sign inspo, check out my carved signs or my stenciled signs. 

Signs are a lot of fun to make and these are pretty easy. Minimal tools are required for this easy DIY! I made almost 15 in one day, so yeah, they are that easy. By the way, if you’re looking for a craft to sell at craft fairs, these things sold like hot cakes.  

Make your own DIY Halloween signs

How to Make Halloween Signs

Supplies Needed

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Building the Halloween wooden Sign Frames

Don’t want to make your own sign frame? Buy one here!

  1. Cut your wood to the right length. I wanted to make a variety of sizes, so I cut them between 8″ and 12″. For other signs, I used pieces of plywood as well since the edges will be covered. 
  2. Cut your frame wood to the right length. I cut my horizontal pieces first by lining up the wood next to the scrap wood and marking. Cut at that mark using a miter saw.Mark edge on wood
  3. The vertical length for the frame was held up the corresponding side and marked as well. Then I also marked the width of 2 pieces and cut using a miter saw. No math or measuring necessary. It tends to be more accurate when I “measure” this way as well.Use wood width to figure out length for cutting
  4. Stain your frame pieces. Get the edges too!Stain frame wood
  5. Paint your scrap wood. Or vice versa. I did a nice mixture so that I could have a variety of colors.
  6. When your paint and stain are dry, apply a thin line of glue along the side of your scrap wood. Place your frame wood against the glue.Apply glue to end of scrap wood
  7. Do this for the other side. Use a clamp to squeeze the frame to the wood. (You will only be able to clamp 2 sides at a time.)Clamp first side of frame to scrap wood
  8. Let the glue dry for a few hours before removing the clamp. Then repeat gluing the frame to the wood on the remaining sides.Clamp remaining frame side
  9. Let dry.

Stenciling Your Halloween Signs

*Please note: the stencil I used has been discontinued. 

  1. Figure out your word placement. I love how the words look in the bottom right corner.
  2. If I’m centering my word, I start with the middle letter. Otherwise, I start at the beginning. (If you’re making a lot of signs, you can stencil all of that letter at once to save time.)
  3. Apply the stencil.Rub stencil to adhere to surface
  4. Scoop out a bit of chalk paste with the spreader and scrape it against the stencil. Excess chalk paste can be placed back into the container.Spreading chalk art on mesh stencilCover the entire letter with chalk paste. Spread chalk art
  5. Remove the stencil and you have a letter!Stenciled "o"
  6. Try to let each letter dry before working on the next letter. The chalk art dries pretty quickly.
  7. For the next letter, you can use the letter next to it to help you align and space it properly. Sit the stencil on top of the previous letter to do this. I’m using the “c” on top of the existing “o” to align the “b.”Use stenciled letters to align stencil
  8. If you mess up, you can wipe away your mistakes. It’s harder to remove the chalk art from stain, but it is do-able. For small smudges, I use a damp q-tip.
  9. The chalk art won’t smear when it’s dry, but it’s not permanent. To make it permanent, use a roller and matte sealer on top of your image.Boo Halloween sign
  10. When you’re done, wash your stencil with water and dish soap. Let it dry flat. If you’re doing a ton of signs, you might need to wash your stencil several times during the process. Dirty stencil

Phrase Ideas for Halloween Signs

Finished Halloween signs

Shorter words and phrases are the easiest to stencil.

  • Boo
  • Eek
  • Spooky
  • Trick or treat
  • Candy
  • Happy Halloween
  • Hocus pocus
  • Beware
  • 31
  • Broom Parking

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