Trick or Treat Bags for Halloween

Learn how to make your own trick or treat bags. These bags are so easy to make and can be easily customized. 

My kids are the type of kids who plan out their costumes months in advance. My oldest says that he’s going to keep trick or treating until people refuse him. They kind of LOVE Halloween. And what’s not to love? Dressing in costumes and getting candy is the best.

Want to know my mom fail for Halloween, though? They normally use my reusable grocery bags for trick or treating. So I decided to make my candy loving children some pretty Halloween treat bags. This year, I’m winning.

Make your own trick or treat bags

How to Make Trick or Treat Bags

Supplies Needed 

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  1. Place a sheet of paper inside your bag to protect the other side from paint bleed. I didn’t use enough paint to bleed, but better safe than sorry. place paper inside tote bag to protect from bleed through
  2. Place your stencil in place for the first letter. I chose letter “t”. stencil in position
  3. Load your foam dome with paint and blot off the excess. I like to use old cardboard for this.dab off excess paint
  4. Use the foam dome to apply paint to the first letter. Be sure to cover the entire letter.cover stencil with paint
  5. Peel the stencil away. Since I had 2 tote bags to do, I repeated this process on the 2nd bag. This allowed the paint to dry in between the letters.stenciling letters one at a time
  6. Move on to the next letter. I like to use the stencil to help line up and space the letters. You can see through the letters to line up the next space.
  7. Continue until your quote is finished.finished trick or treat stencil on bag
  8. Let the stenciled letters dry completel on the Halloween tote.
  9. You could also add trim or an HTV decal to the bag if you want.halloween tote
  10. Once you’re finished, take some time to pat yourself on the back. You just earned all of the candy that you’re planning on stealing from the kids. Reeses are my favorite.trick or treat bag with candy

Other Quote Ideas for Trick or Treat Bags

  • Smell My Feet
  • Give Me Something Good to Eat
  • I <3 Candy
  • Gimme Candy
  • Treats and Sweets
  • Boo
  • Spooky

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Easy to make Halloween trick or treat bag


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