My favorite DIY products and tools

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For my last week in my I Love DIY series, I’m sharing my favorite DIY products and tools. I have no affiliations with these products. They are just products that I love and use constantly. I’m sure that I’ll add to the list as my tool collection grows.

My Favorite DIY Products and Tools

  1. Dewalt mitre saw. I was seriously intimidated by this monster, but now we’re besties. It makes cutting wood so much easier and faster. This was my mother’s day gift 2 years ago.
  2. Scraper. I’ve had this tool for a long time and I use it constantly. It’s obviously a scraper, but it works as many other things. It’s the perfect putty knife when you have small drywall repairs or holes to fill. It can open a paint can. It can work as a flathead screwdriver in a pinch. It can also work as a hammer (use the handle.) I’ve also used it as a mini crowbar for very tiny trim.
  3. Purdy brushes. I know. Everyone says they’re the best. It’s for a reason. They are so soft and lovely. I prefer the shortest handles that I can find so that they fit in my hands well. Short handles make easy work of trim and small spaces. Have you ever tried to paint behind a toilet with a regular paint brush? Bonus tip: Soak them in Murphy’s oil (floor cleaner) to make them soft again. Even rock-hard paint brushes can be saved. It works as conditioner for the bristles and makes them smell wonderful!
  4. Gorilla glue. I’m in love with this glue. It’s the coolest. You spray water on the item that you want to glue, then spread the glue on it and it glides on like butter. Then it cures really hard. I’m a fan. It’s like super glue, only it actually holds!
  5. Howard Feed and Wax. This is MAGIC in a bottle. I think it’s from Hogwarts. I have so many pieces of furniture that aren’t messed up enough to warrant an entire refinishing, but need love. This stuff does the trick. It gets bonus points for smelling amazing. It’s really easy to use. Just put a liberal coat on the piece after you clean it. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then buff the rest off. I sometimes use it with teak oil as well. (Note: it says stain, but it’s a lovely wax.)
  6. Dewalt jigsaw. Our tool kit (see #11) came with a jigsaw and a circular saw. I love the jigsaw. It cuts so smoothly. I prefer a jigsaw to a circular saw (I’m terrified of them.)
  7. Clamps. We have 4 of these and use them all the time. I like the little yellow rubber bits on the clamp that hold your wood in place without damaging it or sliding.
  8. Kreg jig. The kreg jig makes joining pieces of wood together very simple and nearly invisible. It’s fun to use too. It is used to make pocket holes.
  9. Speed square. I mainly use this for drawing straight lines for cuts. It can be used for squaring stuff up, but I cheat for that (#10). It can also be used for making stairs and figuring out angles.
  10. Corner clamps. These make squaring your build so simple and thoughtless. They’re my favorite cheat. What used to take me like 15 minutes to perfect, can now be done in seconds. I have 4 of them now.
  11. Dewalt tool kit. Ours came with more tools as I mentioned above. The driver was a bit scary to use at first because it gets loud as it is shoving the screw in. I love it now and refuse to use our other drills for driving. The drill is good too. Both are pretty lightweight as far as professional-quality power tools go. We use the light more than I thought we would. The reciprocating saw is used a lot outside. My husband loves that thing. It’s great for demo.
  12. Bostitch air compressor and nailer. I’ve confessed my love for this tool before. I love how fast and quiet it is. The staple gun is so easy to use. Full-out emoji heart eyes for this tool.
  13. Carpenter pencils. Flat pencils are the coolest. Plus they make more precise lines. Also, they remind me of my dad. My dog says that they’re delicious.
  14. Porter cable belt sander. I have one of these and it makes quick work of crappy wood. You must clamp your wood down or it will go flying!

One last note: I have no affiliation with Dewalt. Our first drill was a cheaper brand that didn’t last long. On a whim, I bought a clearance Dewalt 18 volt drill. It is still going strong. The difference in power was so dramatic, even before I knew what I was doing. We stuck with the brand because of that purchase. That cheap drill taught us to buy quality tools to begin with, so that we don’t have to re-buy them when they break. We also like that Dewalt tools are used by professional contractors.

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