Upcycle a Jar into a Faux Terrarium

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Learn how to make a faux terrarium. I made these faux terrariums as part of a thrift store challenge. Repurposing home decor from the thrift store is one of my favorite things. Last month, I repurposed a cutting board into a key holder.

After receiving a catalog featuring terrariums, I knew that I had to recreate my own in thrifted containers to bring some spring into my home!

I chose to work with faux plants because my track record with succulents is so bad. Faux plants are the best because you never have to water them. And they don’t die on you. Plus faux succulents look pretty similar to real ones!

faux terrarium

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How to Make a Faux Terrarium

Supplies Needed for a Faux Terrarium

If you choose to use real plants, you’ll need dirt and sand in addition to the rocks! And you’ll need to water them occasionally. Apparently they need water to live.

  1. Choose your container for your faux terrarium. Ideally, you want containers with lids that have wide necks so that you can reach into the vessel. One of mine is a canister and the other is a decanter. The neck is narrow, but I loved the shape too much to pass it by.
  2. Clean your containers to remove the stickers. I find that simply soaking them in hot water usually works to remove the stickers. Sometimes masking tape is used to hold lids on. Dawn dish soap works well to remove the residue. If it’s really bad, use some goo gone. Let your containers dry before using.glass jars
  3. Decide your plant layout. I wanted a variety of types and shapes.succulents in jar
  4. Apply glue to the bottom of your plants and attach them to the bottom of the container.hot glue on succulent
  5. Make a funnel with a piece of paper. This allows you to pour rocks in specific places around the plants. (I used a card that my daughter made for me.)paper funnel in jar
  6. Finally, pour rocks in to cover the bases of the plants.succulent terrarium
  7. Add other decorative elements as needed. Larger stones, agates, or other objects would also look lovely in your faux terrarium.
  8. For the container with a narrow neck, I added rocks first.rocks in jar
  9. Then I cut a succulent down to make it easier to work with. Since gluing it would have been difficult, I carefully sat it in place.cut off base of succulent
  10. Then, I added pieces of faux moss around the succulent in the faux terrarium.moss in jarWhat are you waiting for? Go make your own terrarium! It’s so easy!
fake terrarium

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  1. Girl, I’m with you on trying to keep those suckers alive, I applaud anyone who can do that, lol! But I love terrariums and this is just the perfect repurpose for those containers. The faux succulents look just a lovely in them, great job!

  2. I LOVE this! There are so many cute jars I come across at the thrift stores and this is perfect. What a cute gift this would make too. Love the faux succulents because, yes, I manage to kill even succulents that are live haha!

  3. These are adorable! I would definitely have to do it with fake plants – or they’d never survive!!

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