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Easy to Make Wood Heart Wreath for Valentine’s Day

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Get ready for Valentine’s Day with this easy wood heart wreath. It features cute wooden hearts painted in pink, red, and white.

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wreath made from wooden hearts

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I’m not particularly sentimental, but I love crafting for Valentine’s Day. Hearts are one of my favorite motifs, so I enjoy a good Valentine’s craft.

This wreath is super easy to make. Once it’s painted, it takes no time at all to put it together.

How to Make a Wood Heart Wreath

Supplies Needed

It’s essential to use a flat wreath form for this project. It’s much easier to use than if you were to use a curved wreath base.

I used red, pink, and white paint, but you can use any color that you want. I thought about decoupaging the wooden hearts with scrapbook paper, but I really liked how graphic the hearts looked in solid colors.

This wreath is made to be used inside. The wood probably won’t last long outside.

  1. Figure out your design. I played with the layout until I was happy. (It doesn’t need to be exact.)wooden hearts laid out on wreath form wooden hearts on wreath form
  2. Paint the wreath base. I painted mine pink.
  3. Separate the hearts and paint them pink, white, and red. painting wooden hearts red, pink, and white
  4. Add a second coat of paint. The white hearts may need 3 coats.
  5. Let the hearts dry completely.
  6. Use hot glue to secure the first layer of hearts to the wreath form, spacing the hearts evenly as you go.gluing painted hearts to wreath base
  7. Glue the 2nd layer of hearts onto the first layer. Make sure you cover the wreath form as you go.
  8. Attach the last layer of hearts with more glue. glued hearts on wooden wreath base
  9. Let it dry completely before handling it.
  10. Any hot glue strings can be removed with your hands.
  11. You can hang it using the wreath form or add a ribbon to your Valentine’s wreath. heart wreath with ribbon
heart wreath on aqua wall

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collage of painted wooden hearts and finished heart wreath

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