Make a DIY Pipe Curtain Rod for Long Windows

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Learn how to make a DIY pipe curtain rod. I love using pipes in my home for unexpected uses like my copper pipe handrail.

Why are curtain rods so expensive? Long, sturdy ones are even pricier! So what’s a girl to when she has 2 patio doors to cover?

I really didn’t want to pay a fortune, so I decided to make my own curtain rods with conduit pipe for a fraction of the cost.

DIY pipe curtain rod

How to Make a DIY Pipe Curtain Rod

Supplies Needed

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  1. Cut your pipe to size. A hacksaw cuts through the pipe pretty easily, but you could also get a tube cutter if you have a lot of pipes to cut. Since I like to hang my curtains wider than the windows, I added 2 feet to the measurement of the door. This allows 1 foot of extra space on each side.
  2. Spray paint your pipes. I used flat black spray paint. You’ll have to roll it a few times to get even coverage.spray paint pipes
  3. Attach the curtain rod brackets to the wall. I like to hang my curtains higher to make my rooms look taller. It also makes your windows look larger. If your curtains are heavy or will be used a lot, use wall anchors to attach them to the wall. I like these wall anchors the best because they’re so easy to use! These curtain rod brackets come with a cover to hide the screws.attach curtain rod bracket to wall
  4. For extra long spans, use a center bracket as well. Shorter spans, like my French doors, were fine without a center bracket.middle curtain rod bracket

I’m still trying to figure out the finials for the ends. I really love this idea, so I’ll probably figure out a variation of it.

curtain rods hung up
curtain rods on sliding door

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DIY pipe curtain rod

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