Fall Tour from a Vintage Fanatic

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Fall is in the air and I am having so much fun decorating to reflect the changing seasons. Today, I’m joining a group of bloggers to share my fall decor.

Welcome to Semigloss Design! I live in a cute cape cod style house in central Maryland with my husband, son, daughter, and our dog. We’ve lived here for about 3 years and we’re slowly making this house into our dream house.

Outside decorating will commence after I make a few changes to this area. My next fall tour will feature outside spaces, where we soak up the last bit of warmth that we can.

I recently switched my office and living room spaces around, so it was fun to decorate this room for the first time ever. While I miss my amazing view, the room change works better for us.

Paint by Number Leaf Garland

Painted shutters disguise an ugly fireplace. I want to rip the glass doors out. We never use this fireplace because we have a wood stove in the basement that works a lot better (plus there’s a tv in there!)

I was going for a loose camping theme instead of typical fall. It ended up being more of an “everything vintage that I love” theme and I’m okay with that.

Fall always makes me think of campfires because we spend as much time around the firepit as possible in the fall.

In fact, my husband has one started as I type this out.

That’s one of my favorite parts about living here.

Since we’ve moved here, my husband never wants to camp anymore. 😉

Why go sleep on the ground in the woods when your house in the woods and there’s a perfectly comfy bed inside!

This pillow cracks me up. I made it in response to my kids using “lit” as a slang word.

Apparently it means cool now. Tack on AF to the end and suddenly, that cool new slang word they like is decidedly not lit. Not when mom uses it.

That’s my best parenting tip: if their slang words drive you crazy, use them randomly. I guarantee they will stop saying it. I can feel my kids cringing from here. 😉

The camping theme continues in my dining room with painted placemats.

I kept the table simple with a pitcher of sunflowers in the center.

I made faux leather coasters in the shapes of badges (tutorial to come) and added simple ticking napkins.

In the fall, the true magic happens in the kitchen.

So many soups to make. The crock pot pretty much stays out at this time of year.

I’m hoping to perfect a nice gluten-free bread this year. Only problem is, I hate cooking. But I love eating, so what’s a girl to do?

I added a bit of fall color with some pyrex and fire-king. Maybe these bowls will actually get used!

Thanks for stopping by for my fall tour. Be sure to check out Keys to Inspiration next!

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  1. I’m also a lover of all things vintage and so much enjoyed a peek into your home. Your mantel looks so pretty. I love those sconces and have never seen any like them. I also love your paint-by-numbers and especially like how you used the folding ruler to display one. What a great idea! I’m following along now that I’ve “met” you thanks to this fall tour.

  2. Oh wow! I’d call that “glamping”! Another slang word! 😜 Your home is beautiful! I love all of your cozy Fall touches! So welcoming!
    Thank you for the direct link to me! Happy Fall!

  3. Such a welcoming home and I am sure your kiddos secretly appreciate the slang 😉 We live in the woods too and it’s such a great escape from the chaos of the city!

  4. Such fun vintage items you have! I love your fireplace, especially the beam! I had to laugh at your reference to kids slang…i have teens and it’s def not cool when I use “their” words

  5. I’m loving the vintage feel of your home, and those colorful pyrex bowls are just perfect! I completely understand why your husband doesn’t want to go camping anymore. It’s perfect!

  6. I loved your Fall tour, especially your camping theme! I associate campfires with the Fall too. I also love your dining room chandelier, btw, it is so pretty with the flowers! Thanks for joining the Fall home tours!

  7. I love your dining room chairs Emy! You have a lovely home. On a side note, I am jealous because I can’t seem to get out of camping to save my life. Ha!

  8. Love your home in the woods, my hubs would like it because I refuse to camp. The setting is perfect for fall with the bonfires and trees. Your home decor is very well done and I love the colours. Beautiful.

  9. Your home is so fabulously unique! I love all the light blue! Your decor is so warm and inviting! Love the white Owl on the fireplace !

  10. Thank you so much for a peek inside your home! I adore your candle scones, they are amazing. And sunflowers are just so perfect this time of year!

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