Clare Paint Review: An Honest Review

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Read this Clare paint review and find out if this paint is for you. Clare paint can be ordered through the mail, saving you a trip to the store. You will love their color selection and how well this paint covers!

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pin image - collage of Clare Vacay paint in can and shipping box

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Clare Paint Review

I love online ordering, especially lately. While I don’t mind an errand or 2 a week, we’re still trying to limit the number of places we go.

When I learned that you could get paint shipped to your door, I was in!

You can get everything you need at Clare Paint. They carry primer, trim paint, ceiling paint, and even paint supplies.

Swatches from Clare Paint

Clare has a limited palette of colors, which makes it easier to choose paint colors. You can order swatches, which are 8″ square removable wall stickers. These stickers are a larger size than traditional paint swatches, so it’s easy to see from across the room.

I ordered swatches for Rosé Season, Irony, Views, Two Scoops, Headspace, and Vacay. It was easy to see at a glance which colors I didn’t like for my bedroom.

clare paint swatches

Unsurprisingly, I was left with 3 shades in the teal/aqua family to choose from: Views, Headspace, and Vacay. Although I loved Headspace, I ended up choosing Vacay. It’s the perfect moody teal.

teal paint swatches on wall

The swatches are an important part of the ordering process, so don’t skip it. I looked online to find images of rooms painted in Clare Vacay and the few I found looked like a much bolder teal (the top swatch). The swatch color was very accurate.

open paint can of clare paint in vacay

Fast Shipping Time

I’m impatient, so shipping time was something that I was concerned about. Both the swatches and the paint arrived at my house within 2-3 days.

The paint comes in a happy yellow box, straight to your door.

yellow clare paint box

The box was well packed and the paint was even placed in a plastic bag to prevent leaking. The cans are sealed with little metal brackets that can be popped off using a paint can opener.

top of paint can

Painting with Clare Paint

The coverage for Clare Paint was excellent. I was covering both a dark blue color and a pale gray paint color. The Clare paint was able to cover both colors equally well. It was almost 1 coat coverage, in fact. (Two coats is always a better idea though because the paint color has more depth.)

painting a dark wall after one coat of paint (almost full coverage)
After one coat.

I used way less paint than I normally use because it covered so well. This room barely took a gallon.

teal walls with gray and white checkerboard floor

The one downside (which is actually a good thing) is that Clare Paint is the most difficult paint to clean out of a paintbrush I have ever used. It also got on my skin and was really hard to remove.

Why is this a good thing? If it sticks this well to a paintbrush and skin, it will definitely stick to your walls!

I love how velvety the walls look. Vacay is the exact color that I wanted and the room feels so cozy now!

room painted teal color with checkerboard painted floors

Overall Thoughts on Clare Paint

I was so impressed with Clare Paint and will definitely be using this paint again. I love the beautiful color choices and how fast they ship paint to your door.

The process was quick and easy. In fact, the only hard part was choosing one color!

walls painted in clare paint vacay

Tell me, have you ever ordered paint in the mail?

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