How to Make a Mirror Frame for a Builder Grade Mirror

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Learn how to make a mirror frame for your builder grade mirrors.

When we first bought our house, both of the bathrooms had your standard mirror without a frame. I removed both of them and sat them aside to use somewhere else. It took me a while to come up with an idea for them, though.

The idea recently came to me. At this time of year, my house that is surrounded by trees feels a little dark. I knew that adding mirrors to my living room would help brighten it up, so an idea was born.

Farmhouse mirror frames would bring in a little more light, plus they would look amazing! I liked it so much, I built 2! Learn how to make a mirror frame for builder grade mirrors

How to make a farmhouse mirror

How to Make a Mirror Frame


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How to Make a Mirror Frame: Building the Frame

    1. Determine the size of your farmhouse mirror frame. My existing builder grade mirrors are 30″ x 36″, so I made my mirror frame equal out to 32″ x 38″.farmhouse mirror measurements
    2. Optional step: beat the wood up. I knocked it around and beat it with pointy stuff. I also took a chisel and knocked the edges off in places.
    3. For the arch, I measured 3 1/2″ from the edges of the board (since I used 1×4’s – actual measurement) and 3 1/2″ from the top. I placed nails at those 3 points and used a thin piece of flexible wood to draw the arch. (It snapped when I tried to take a picture of it.) Don’t worry about perfection here. Then I used a jigsaw to cut the arches. I sanded the edges really well. mirror-arch
    4. Make your cuts and attach with a kreg jig. I attached the shorter vertical pieces to the horizontal pieces. Attach sides of frame to tops and bottom with kreg jig

How to Get a Chippy Farmhouse Finish

  1. Flip it over and stain the front.
  2. Once it’s dry, start applying layers of paint. I probably used 6 colors in all, with white as my last color. When I was applying the paint, I made sure to slop it on. I wanted brush marks and drips. Many coats of paint equal a chippy farmhouse finish
  3. When the paint is dry, sand to reveal layers of paint.
  4. Spray paint the decorative metal pieces and attach them. I used a sharpie to color the screws.

How to Attach the Builder Grade Mirror to the Frames

This part stumped me for a while. Most instructions advise to add a thin layer of wood on the back and glue the mirror to it. Glue gives me anxiety and I didn’t want to add more weight to an already heavy mirror. Finally I came up with a much better solution!

  1. Flip the frame on over so that you’re looking at the back.
  2. Lay the mirror on top of it, face down, making sure you leave equal amounts of space on all sides.
  3. I used these mirror clips, but could only do 3 sides with them because of how they attach. So then I found a few of these mirror clips in my stash. I recommend these 2nd ones for an easier install. I placed 2 mirror clips on the bottom, 1 on top, and 1 on each side. hardware for attaching mirror
  4. Install D-rings near the top of the mirror for hanging. This is a very strong way to hang these mirrors.
  5. Hang your beautiful mirror and enjoy it! Now you know how to make a mirror frame!

mirror frames in living room

As you can see, I built 2 mirrors to echo my windows.

Pssst… Want to see how I updated these mirrors to match my decor?

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    • That Willie is so damn handsome. My PBN collection is in a pile by my desk. I’m not getting rid of it, just moving it. I’ll probably rehang them in different rooms. The boy has been eyeing those ducks. 😉


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