How to Make an Upcycled Toolbox Planter

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Learn how to make an upcycled toolbox planter in just a few steps. Add interest to your garden with a vintage toolbox garden planter.

This might be the easiest DIY project I’ve ever done, but I’m loving how it turned out on my front porch makeover that I shared a few weeks ago. 

upcycled toolbox planter

How to Make an Upcycled Toolbox Planter

toolbox before

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Supplies Needed

  1. Place coconut fiber liner into the toolbox. This toolbox probably needed a slightly larger liner, but I wanted to use what I had on hand.coconut liner in toolbox
  2. Fill the liner with dirt.
  3. Make holes in the dirt to place flowers.
  4. Place flowers in the dirt and fill around the edges.
  5. Add more dirt if necessary.toolbox turned into flower pot

Tips for Using Upcycled Planter Vessels

  • If the vessel doesn’t have drainage, either drill a hole in the bottom or add a layer of rocks.
  • Add at least one plant that drapes over the edge for interest. I chose potato vine for this purpose. It also looks beautiful against the black toolbox.
  • Don’t forget to water. This toolbox has no natural drainage, so I water it lightly every few days.
toolbox planter

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upcycled toolbox planter

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  1. Awesome idea for using a vintage tool box. I’ve seen them from time to time at thrift stores or estate sales but never know what I could use them for.

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