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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Besides Tile

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Get unique kitchen backsplash ideas to update your kitchen backsplash without breaking the bank.

Tile is great, but it’s not the only option for backsplashes. Here are some of my favorite alternatives.

If you decide on tile, be sure to check out this post about grouting a backsplash.

backsplash alternative ideas

Things to Consider When Choosing a Backsplash

There are many things to consider when choosing a backsplash material.


Consider the style of your home when choosing a backsplash. Beadboard would look out of place in a modern home, for instance. However, it looks amazing in cottage-style homes.


Think about the other fixtures in the room that are not changing. The backsplash needs to coordinate with those existing finishes. Be sure to consider the color of your kitchen countertop and cabinets.

If your kitchen is mostly white, consider adding a colored backsplash as an accent. This is the perfect chance to add your favorite color to the room! 


If your room is dim, you probably don’t want to add more dark colors. Adding shiny finishes can make a space feel brighter and larger. Light colors will also make the room feel brighter.


Consider adding a pattern to your backsplash to make your backsplash a focal point. There are so many fun ways to add patterns!

Maintenance Needs

Kitchens get greasy, so don’t choose materials that will be difficult to clean. Unless you’re not much of a cook. Then go nuts. 


Trends come and go quickly. Keep in mind that what is in style today may become dated in the near future.

It’s always a good idea to consider a timeless choice instead.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Besides Tile

Unique backsplash ideas besides tile. Many of these are perfect for rentals!

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backsplash alternative ideas

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