Week 2: ORC Kitchen Progress

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It’s week 2 of the One Room Challenge and I’m already behind. I was hoping to get all of the demo and repair done this past weekend, but life had other plans.

I’m a guest participant in the One Room Challenge. There are 20 featured designers and over 200 guest participants who are also making over rooms in their homes. In just 6 weeks, I’m giving my kitchen a mini makeover. It’s the room where I spend a ton of time, so I’m trying to make it prettier on a budget without major renovation.  I’ve been slowly working on this room for over 3 years, so I’m ready for it to be done!

Kitchen Progress this week

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We removed the cabinets and some of the soffit. The cabinets were custom built and installed much better than we anticipated. At one point, the cabinets were hanging by 1 screw and still wouldn’t budge. Luckily my husband loves demo and power tools. 


The best laid plans…

I was hoping to get the walls repaired and painted by now, but I haven’t been feeling well. To be honest, I haven’t felt well in months, but I’ve done a decent job of faking it. This past month has been pretty rough with pain waking me almost every night. I’ve had more bad days than good days, so I finally went to the doctor. I went in November, but they dismissed me and told me they had no idea what was wrong.

On Monday, I ended up in the ER and after lots of tests that will probably cost me a million dollars, I found out that I have 2 cysts that are probably the cause of my pain. I knew about the one, but my doctors keep telling me that it’s so tiny there is no way it’s causing me pain. So I have another appointment tomorrow to figure out what to do. I have pain pills, so I’m hoping to get a bit done today. I took one this morning and now I’m high AF. The pain is dulled, but still there. I really just want to go back to bed. But deadlines, right?


So this is where I’m at right now. I thought I had cleared enough space for everything, but I don’t think I did and these dishes are making me twitchy. I’m in the ugly phase of renovation and my patience is lower than normal because I don’t feel good.

These walls need to be repaired and painted. I think I can manage that while hopped up on painkillers. I’m considering painting the walls a lighter version of the turquoise that is in my dining room. The current gray is fine (BM Wickham Gray) but it’s a bit depressing in this endless winter we are having. I need color.

Removing the wood from the front of the window lets in so much extra light. But, yeah, lots of repairs to finish. Also, who needs a junction box for lighting, when a hole with a wire works just as well?

Add tile repair to my to-do list. That hole in the wall was an outlet, so I guess that needs to be fixed as well. The hole by the vent hood will be covered, so I’m not stressing about that.

And because these pictures are ugly, I’m going to repost a pic of my mood board.

Kitchen plans for the One Room Challenge. A simple update to add function and beauty to my kitchen.

Next week, I’m hoping to be feeling better and hopefully have the walls repaired, painted and shelves hung. I’m super excited about the concrete counter overlay, so if I’m feeling up to it, it might happen too.

Also, seriously contemplating this chandelier:


What a beauty! And 18 bulbs sounds amazing. There can never be enough light in a kitchen.


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  1. So sorry to hear that you are under the weather and in pain. You are a trooper for trying to tackle a kitchen makeover under those conditions. I hope you are feeling better soon and cna get back to work.

  2. Oh Emmy, I hope you start feeling better as soon as possible! So sorry to hear of your ER visit. I’m rooting for you to get all this done in time. But health first! Sending hugs. Still loving your mood board!

  3. Woohoo I love me some demo day! Out with old in with the new! Sorry to hear about the ER visit, that is no fun at all, hopefully that get things figured out for you soon, and you can get back to doing what you love.

  4. First and foremost…take care of yourself! When you feel better the makeover will move at a quicker pace. You definitely have a sense of humor, which will come in handy at times like these. You definitely made great progress this week! Hang in there.

  5. Ent, I cant wait to see your updated kitchen! I say go bold with the paint 😊 our home is on the north side of a small hill and in Winter we get almost no sun so I know what it’s like to be in a drab kitchen. It’s going to look fabulous!

    I’m sorry to hear about your pain an illnesses, keep pushing those doctors to figure out what’s wrong and fix it. I spent way too many years chasing a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and in the end it’s mostly vitamin deficiencies that are causing my problems. Doctors are great but sometimes they need a little push. Be careful with those power tools and pain pills combined ☺

  6. Demo day!! Yayy!!! BUT I’m glad you’re getting yourself checked out. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we’d like a healthy you then a finished room!! Take care and keep us posted! xoxo

  7. Ugh – feeling gross when you’ve got plans and deadlines is the worst – hope you’re on the bend quickly! Also, I’m fairly certain the electrician who worked on your kitchen also worked on mine . . . 🙂

  8. Oh my goodness Emy, please be careful working on those meds! We don’t need you falling off of a ladder or shocking yourself. This point of reno is always the hardest when everything is bare and ugly…chin up, it will look fab when you are done. Take it easy and don’t over do it!! xoxo

  9. Hope you feel better soon 🙁 Your mood board is lovely, and I can imagine how pretty your kitchen will look when your design plans come to life!

  10. I love demo day! I hope you figure everything with your health out and start feeling better soon! Sounds like you’re off to a great start with your room!

  11. I am so very sorry you are going through such pain. You are in my thoughts and I hope the doctors will give you real answers and real solutions. Congrats on the reno so far, your mood board is gorgeous and I dig you chandy idea!

  12. Well, painkillers could make your final result realllly interesting! I’m kidding! I hope you’re feeling better and they’ve come up with a decent plan. Feeling terrible and dealing with doctors can be the worst. Although I wish they’d found nothing, I’m glad they found something, you know? Demo is fun, but it does leave things looking overwhelming and not so pretty. Only way to go is up! I love your plans!

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